Reasons to Surprise a Loved One with Tickets to an Event

From family members and friends to partners and work buddies, we’ve all got someone in our lives that we love dearly and appreciate.

But when it comes to gift giving, it can be difficult to know what to get, especially if it’s meant to be a surprise. 

Sometimes, finding a simple but incredibly thoughtful gift can be as easy as visiting, where you can find the perfect surprise for that special someone in your life. 

But if you’re still unsure about whether or not you should surprise someone else with tickets to a gig or event, here are a few more reasons to convince you why you should!

It Shows That You Know Them Well 

It’s always great to receive a gift, but it’s even better when the gift is in relation to a gig, show, or event that they’ve been talking about for months.

In these cases, it truly is the thought that counts above all else.

Not only does it show that you pay attention to what they say and understand them, but it shows that you care enough to give them a thoughtful and personal gift based on their loves and passions. 

It’s a Unique and Memorable Gift

Shun the digital book tokens and vouchers in cards.

No more last-minute gifts that’ll be accepted with a fake smile and left in a cupboard to never be used. 

With tickets to an event, you’re giving your partner, friend, or family member the chance to look forward to something.

And let’s face it when it comes to being an adult, how often do we get to have that wonderful feeling? 

Experiencing Something New Together

Attending an event or show gives you an exciting new experience that reminds you of just how wonderful a big night out is.

And together, you’ll make treasured memories that you can both look back on fondly.

Life post-pandemic has caused a lot of us to stay indoors more and avoid large social events.

But we’re missing out on those small things that make life so special by doing that.

From the applause and magnitude of the event to the excitement before that curtain rises, you’ll both be on the edge of your seat.

It Makes Them Feel More Special and Loved 

Whatever the event is, from theatre shows and ice skating to comedy gigs and beyond, the person you love will feel more special than ever before.

Why? Because you’ve taken the time to book tickets in advance to their favourite show, which means you’ve been planning ahead and thinking about ways to make them happy. 

Not only that, but if you’re going with them, they’ll be able to enjoy it even more, and perhaps even introduce you to a whole new world that you’ve never fully experienced or understood before.

Who knows, maybe you’ll become so interested in what you attend, that it becomes a regular new thing that you both do together in the future!

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