15 Creative Non-Food Gift Jars You Can Make

Are you looking at making some of your Chrristmas gifts this year?

Gifts in jars are a fun idea and all you need to make them is a Mason jar, a few supplies and some imagination.

Read on for 15 fun non-food gifts in jars you can make this holiday season.

During the holidays, it's great to have a lot of versatile options for gift-giving.

One of the great things about a gift in a jar is that, just as with gift baskets, you can literally build any kind of gift within your jar.

This kind of gift making inspires creativity and it is a lot of fun to receive, as well. 

I have found a number of really fun gift jars that you can make.

Many of these are amazingly simple to put together, but will inspire big smiles on the faces of the people you love.

Some are great seasonal gifts, and others will be useful anytime of year. 

I do hope that at least one of these gift jar projects also inspires you to come up with something uniquely designed for the special people in your own life.

I love how flexible many of these ideas are - and I've had fun thinking about how I can turn them into the perfect gifts for folks I love. 

What will you make this year?

15 Creative Non-Food Gift Jars You Can Make

We are all familiar with the sight of someone driving with a giant Christmas tree attached to the roof of their car.

You can make someone smile with this iconic image when you create it inside of a handmade snow globe.

This crafty little gift helps you to celebrate the season in style and will be a decoration they bring out year after year.

When you smell the scrumptious aromas that seem to permeate everything during the holidays, you may wish you had some way to bottle it up for later.

This Christmas Potpourri Gift in a Jar is one great way to do just that.

The handy printable card tells the recipient exactly how to use their potpourri and when they smell those amazing aromas, they will think of you!

This small sewing kit is so adorable.

It's filled with clothespins wrapped with all kinds of handy things from thread to rickrack trim and topped with a sweet little pin cushion.

This mini sewing kit is a lovely present for nearly anyone on your gift list!

Everyone loves pretty little trinkets magnetically attached to the refrigerator, and these magnets are especially easy to make.

When you store them in a small canning jar to give as a gift, the overall effect is completely charming!

Who says that you get to have all the fun of creating gift jars for the holidays?

This kid craft is a great gift for grandparents, teachers, and anyone who loves your kid and will treasure their handprint as much as you do!

These precious chalkboard mason jars are an excellent gift for teachers and students alike.

Make some for your kids to give to their teachers, or for your kids to use to organize their homework supplies.

This homemade jar gift is as fun as it is useful!

One of the best things you can give someone is the gift of relaxation.

And with this homemade bath salts gift, you can literally place it in their hands.

This heavenly gift is sure to make someone smile. 

You may have never thought of making your own hand cream, but it is incredibly easy to do.

This homemade hand cream is heavy duty enough for anyone who needs a little extra help for their skin.

It's the perfect gift for any gardeners, mechanics, medical personal, or anyone else you know who loves their skin. 

This lovely jar gift is magical and seasonal.

Mason jars are easily turned into a snowy wonderland that glistenes beautifully in candlelight, warming the dining room table or mantlepiece with seasonal beauty!

This teacher gift is presented a back-to-school teacher present, but I think it would make a great Christmas gift too.

After all, winter might be just the time of year when your favourite teacher could use some help building up their in-class school supplies!

When thinking about holiday Christmas gifts, what could be better than the gift of fun!

This miniature golf "date in a jar" idea is so great, and doesn't even have to be about a date.

Pack up enough mini golf supplies that your loved one will have a lot of fun heading out to play golf with anyone they wish!

If you love the thought of making your own air fresheners with essential oils and no harsh chemicals, this is the perfect opportunity.

Best of all, you can whip up a lot of these at the same time to give to everyone you love.

Christmas just got a whole lot easier!

A nice pedicure at the spa is a lovely form of self-pampering.

Unfortunately, it is one that many people avoid because it costs too much or makes them uncomfortable.

This spa pedicure gift in a jar gives them all they need to pamper themselves at home for free - all thanks to you!

This gift idea is truly perfect for that special person in your life.

Add suggestions for daate night ideas to a jar and present it to them as a gift, you can make the ideas as simple or as exciting as you like!

A great way to put together the perfect date package specially designed for the one that you love.

If you'd rather focus on hands rather than feet, this manicure in a jar idea is a great alternative to the pedicure in a jar.

Either way, you are encouraging someone you love to focus on themselves for just a little while.

And that's always a welcome gift!

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