The Best Rainbow High and Shadow High Dolls and More Gift Guide 2023

Get ready for the festive season with Rainbow High and its fashionable range of dolls and accessories!

If you have a Rainbow High doll fan to buy for, this gift guide is for you!

Rainbow High champions creativity and for each and every child to #LetYourTrueColoursShine, making the brand's dolls the perfect gift for your child this Christmas!

But with such a HUGE variety of dolls, accessories and gift packs, you may be wondering where to start with this fabulous doll range.

Never fear, just shop our best picks below to get your Christmas holiday shopping done in no time!

The new Junior High Special Edition Dolls are available in four new styles.

Fans will be able to meet the younger versions of their favourite Rainbow High Fashion characters: Kia Hart, Laurel De’Vious, Holly De’Vious, and Avery Styles.

Each doll comes with a unique complete outfit in the character’s signature colour, alongside the brand’s trademark long brushable hair, a comb and hair accessories, and of course their iconic backpacks.

Introducing six brand new characters from Rainbow High's Spring 2023 collection.

Meet Victoria Whitman, Priscilla Perez, Michelle St. Charles, Olivia Wood, Kim Nguyen and Aidan Russell - all of whom are dressed in stylish outfits and accessories from all the colours of the rainbow.

Meet the newest additions to Shadow High - Karla Choupette, Zooey Electra, Dia Mante, Monique Verbena, Reina “Glitch” Crowne and Rexx McQueen.

Each doll exhibits a beautiful shade from the other side of the rainbow, and has a passion for Fashion Design and an empowering and inspiring personality.

Rainbow High has launched its first-ever washable DIY fashion doll.

Featuring luxurious white hair, a complete white outfit, additional white fashion pieces and accessories and a rainbow spectrum of washable markers, mini designers can customise their doll any way they like.

The perfect gift for your little fashion designer this Christmas!

Rainbow High is excited to bring back the original Rainbow High Series 1 characters with the launch of the Rainbow High Fantastic Fashion Dolls.

The revamped range includes Ruby Anderson, Poppy Rowan, Sunny Madison, Jade Hunter, Skyler Bradshaw, and Violet Willow.

The Fantastic Fashion range also includes doll Amaya Raine.

Each doll features their runway gowns from the finale of Season 1 of the animated series.

This new playset features Skyler Bradshaw in her iconic fashion studio.

It comes with all the essentials: sewing machine, iron, fashion work table, water-reveal sketch book, functional mannequin, real colourful Rainbow High fabrics and an exclusive Skyler Bradshaw doll. 

With this no sew fashion designer kitand its 40+ accessories, fans can create over 300 fashion designs so they can create and play with it over and over again.

Looking to gift a showstopper for your child this Christmas?

The perfect main gift this holiday season, they are guaranteed to love the new Rainbow High Townhouse!

This year reintroduces the hugely popular Rainbow High Townhouse in a new sleek, lighter, and slimmer remodel.

Rainbow High has kept the accessories kids love the most such as the working elevator, washing machine, and kitchen essentials, plus movable furniture, making this the perfect showstopper gift for any child this Christmas!

If they already have the house, or you don't have the space, how about adding this gorgeous light up pool and beach playset to their Rainbow High collection?

Bring their favourite Rainbow Fashion Dolls to the coolest pool playset that sparks imagination and storytelling fun.

They can lounge by the pool, relax at the juice bar, or take a dip in the 7-in-1 colour changing pool. 

This playset will give kids endless joy and imaginative storytelling entertainment.

Most kids love to play with water so this Rainbow High hair salon is the perfect gift!

With a rainbow of DIY washable hair colour foam. Add water from the spray to wash dolls' hair' and mix foam powder and activator with water from the sink to create a rainbow of hair colour foams.

Kids can use the included brush to add bold colour to dolls’ hair and their own hair!

The washable colour is easy to rinse and repeat, so they can create rainbow looks again and again.

For any Rainbow High fan, the brand has a variety of accessories available and perfect for stocking fillers!

The Rainbow High Mini Accessories Studio contains mini mystery collectibles include 25+ stylish accessories to collect with rare and ultra-rare pieces.

These accessories fit all Rainbow High fashion dolls so every child can have endless fun mix & matching, unboxing and collecting.

Get Christmas going with Rainbow High by shopping our fantastic holiday gift guide!

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