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If your child is a fan of the Rainbow High series and you are looking for some of the best Rainbow High gift ideas for the holidays or a special occasion, we’ve put together a list of amazing gift ideas for you.

Kids love Rainbow High dolls, the show and all of the accessories and this collection of gift ideas will be their dream surprise!

The Rainbow High dolls are full of colour, full of courage and determination, and send a positive message to kids that it’s OK to be just who you are.

These are some of the best Rainbow High gift ideas that will make the perfect gift for any occasion. 

Kids will love the fashionable dolls, play accessories and toys to add to their growing Rainbow High collection.

17 of the Best Rainbow High Gift Ideas Kids Will LOVE!

This 8-in-1 convertible vehicle has multicolour wheels that turn and working seatbelts.

Take your favorite Rainbow High Dolls out for a spin. Two dolls can fit in the car as they show up to Rainbow High in style!

This super fashionable convertible sports car actually changes colour, just press the gold button to select your preferred colour for the journey, or cycle through 7 colours as you drive.

The black interior has the Rainbow High logo monogram details, two-seats, a working steering wheel and wheels that move.

Silver accent trims and grill, and a personalized license plate add to the RH signature style.

Slightly smaller than their Rainbow High counterparts, the Junior High squad of boys and girls are no less fashionable!

Krystal Bailey is a fashionista with her purple hair and rockin’ outfit.

She comes wearing a denim jacket with silver studs, a purple skirt, purple shoes, and a fashionable backpack.

Full of Rainbow High themed nail polish colours, kids will love painting their nails.

The polish peels off making it easy for them to change their nail colour and there are lots of other cosmetics for Rainbow high-themed fun.

This would be a great stocking stuffer for a RH fan!

Rainbow High Jewel Richie wears an Emerald Green dress and comes with 2 designer outfits to mix and match with different accessories.

Rainbow High prides itself on its inclusive collection of dolls which includes characters with a wide range of unique and beautiful features, skin tones, and different fashion choices.

The Rainbow High doll line includes more than 30 unique head sculpts, 20+ skin tones and a wide range of unique eye shapes. Jewel Richie is their first doll with the skin condition Vitiligo.

Jewel is from the prestigious Puerto Rico based fashion empire House of Richie so she has a real focus on gorgeous fashion design. 

She is dressed in emerald green from head to toe with 2 complete doll outfits including clothes, shoes and accessories.

She's fully articulated and posable, her arms and legs bend for so many glamourous poses or you can display her on the included doll stand. Buy in the UK

Let Your true Colours Shine is the motto of these dolls, and Coco Vanderbalt is another in the RH line up.

She is dressed in cobalt blue. Her focus is digital media and her goal is to be the best promoter or hype-woman.

She's amazing at making everyone believe in themselves as much as she believes in them!

Complete with designer outfits and mix-and-match accessories, Rainbow High Coco Vanderbalt is ready for school.

The perfect house for your child’s Rainbow High dolls, this 3-storey wooden dollhouse will make a great place for all their dolls to live.

The three floors of this amazing house are fully furnished including a working hot tub with fun bubble effect.

It's a great place for your Rainbow High fashion dolls to live and make all their creative dreams a reality.

There are 6 rooms open for all-angle play, a working elevator, and more than 50 accessories and pieces of furniture.

There's a working shower and wash basin in the bathroom, a working elevator to move the dolls up and down, a washing machine that actually spins and much more.

Kids will love playing with their dolls in the house and recreating all their favourite scenes from the show.

Did we mention there are Rainbow High boy dolls too?!

River Kendall is one of the 9-inch Junior Fashion Dolls who comes with teal accessories, including an open and close backpack meanign he is ready for what comes.

Go back in time to meet your favourite students before they became friends and followed their creative dreams to Rainbow High.

Each Junior doll comes with a new younger face-sculpt, a complete doll outfit and a soft vinyl backpack to carry their school essentials.

River Kendall is dressed in his signature teal colour.

When River isn’t running drills at football practice, he’s running lines for his latest acting gig.

With the fashionable backpack that opens and closes, River is perfect for any Rainbow High collection.

Another fun stocking filler, this set is perfect for girls who want to style their own or their friend's or sister's hair, or their dolls.

This set includes 6 hair chalks and a mirror so that your child’s Rainbow High dolls will be ready for their sleepover party.

A special edition Rainbow High set, the twins are all ready for their travels.

Laurel & Holly De'Vious are part of the stunning Rainbow High Fashion Doll Special Collection.

These twins aspire to be classically trained actors but they are two sides of the same devious coin, one fiery, one cold as ice.

If you're ready for double the style, double the drama and double the fun, add these two to your wishlist!

Kids will love designing their own looks for the best Rainbow High trendsetters.

With over 150 stickers, accessories and scratch art surprises, this sketchbook set will make a great gift.

400+ looks are possible as you Mix and Match the 31+ fashion pieces in this closet.

There are so many accessories and fashion pieces here, including earrings, belts, purses and more for endless mix and match fun.

Style your dolls for all their fun events with 31 fashion forward pieces and tons of accessories.

After your doll chooses from her favorite fashion / accessories , she can sit at the vanity to admire her outfit in the mirror!

Rainbow High fans can create more than 400+ combinations and the closet comes with high-end, clear shoe cases to store your fabulous doll shoes or any of the other doll accessories.

Use the hangers to organize all your doll clothes in the closet, too!

Heather Grayson is all about the color gray and comes with 2 designer outfits and accessories that can be mixed and matched with other dolls.

At their fine arts high school on the Pacific Coast, nothing is better than a day at the beach!

The days are sunny and the classes are poolside, so bring your Rainbow High dolls to the coolest pool playset that sparks imagination and storytelling fun!

Lounge by the pool, stay cool under the coconut print umbrella, relax at the juice bar, or take a dip in the 7-in-1 color changing pool.

This playset will give kids endless joy and imaginative storytelling entertainment.

Ready for school, Amaya Raine is all dressed up with her sweater dress, boots, and backpack.

Mara has a unique design and is dressed in neon pink and black from head to toe.

She has gorgeous, detailed features in her fashion, beautiful wavy pink hair, a muted skin tone with neon pink accents, long real eye lashes and glass eyes.

She comes dressed in a pink denim vest, knit jersey dress with graphic print and studs, hat with matching silver studs, and knee-high shoes with shadow graphic.

She also comes with a second complete outfit for mix and match fun, a plaid jacket with embroidered patches, dress with stud details, and matching stud booties.

Best of all, Mara comes with all her essential rockstar play pieces including a complete drum set (attached bass drum & tom tom’s) plus silver drumsticks.

Sabrina St. Cloud comes with her own vanity playset and her fashionable outfits can be mixed and matched with other Rainbow High divas.

These complete sets are ideal for new fans looking to start or grow a Rainbow High collection.

Bella Parker is all dressed up in her signature pink satin dress, pink dress shoes, and a fashionable pink backpack.

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