10 LEGO-themed Printables for Kids Who Love Legos

Do your kids love LEGO? Are you looking for fun new LEGO-themed activities for after school, summer break or even for a kids' LEGO-themed birthday party?

Read on for 10 fun LEGO-themed printables that will keep kids busy having fun while you get something done - or just get to drink your coffee in peace!

These fun printables will bring their love of Legos to new heights with fun ways to learn place value in maths, guess the bricks in the jar for a birthday party, a scavenger hunt, make CVC words with LEGOs, printable pattern cards for LEGO creations, and lots of printable LEGO challenges kids of all ages will LOVE!

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10 LEGO-themed Printables for Kids

LEGO is one of the biggest brands on the entire globe, hands down.

They are everywhere, and kids and adults across the planet love them.

But with so many options, it can be a little daunting, especially when kids have got in a mindset of only building kits according to the instructions!

Use these 10 LEGO-themed printables for kids to help augment your little LEGO mad kids' building projects and give them tons of new inspiration!

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Place value is a really hard concept to grasp when you first start learning it.

But the way LEGO bricks are made makes them ideal for illustrating this abstract concept.

Use the printables and LEGO bricks to help teach kids more about math.

This idea is so simple yet so genius.

Print and set up this LEGO project challenge wheel, have kids give it a spin, and see what amazing ideas they come up with to finish the challenges.

This printable is perfect for a LEGO-themed birthday party or gathering.

Guests each try to guess how many LEGOs are in a jar, and the winner gets to take the jar home!

LEGO challenges are a great way to get kids thinking creatively.

Use this printable 30-day LEGO building challenge printable to give them a new project each day for a month.

There’s nothing quite like a good scavenger hunt.

Kids can follow these premade printable clue cards to a special prize that you have hidden somewhere in the house.

This set of LEGO challenge cards has a theme to keep things focused.

All of the projects are camping-themed to get kids excited about all things camping.

These printable farm animal LEGO mats help get kids creating, LEGO-style.

They are challenged to build various pixel-art style farm animal portraits. 

In this activity, combine the math-related aspects of LEGOs with STEM challenge cards.

Each printable card gives kids challenges related to STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) to make a fun 28 day challenge.

Here is a fun take on word-building games.

Use a die-cutting machine or a marker for a more permanent option to put letters on different blocks. 

Then, let kids have printable word cards and let them seek out the right letters to build the word on each card.

Use these printable LEGO challenge cards to help kids make various spring shapes.

Each card has a LEGO blueprint that shows what the finished project should look like.

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