Do Your Kids Need An End-of-Summer Refresher?

It may only just be July, but many homeschoolers and public school moms will be thinking about back to school in August.

With no school since May, are you wondering how much summer learning loss has happened with your kids this year?

We may just have the solution for you! Here are some cool end-of-summer refreshers for homeschoolers (and schooled kids).

These resources will help to bridge the summer gap, highlight anywhere your kids need a bit of a recap or a tune up, and give them a boost before the new school year starts.

Whether your kids are 7 or 17 there's always that twinge of worry about a new school year. Will they be ready? Will they remember everything?

I know lots of parents stress out over whether their kids are going to be ready for the upcoming school year . . . and whether they even remembered all the things they learned the previous school year.

If you're new to these learning years, you're even more likely to be stressing out.

So I thought I’d round up a few recommendations for easy (and fun) ways to help your kids get a little bit of a refresher before the next school year starts.

Need an end-of-summer refresher for your kids? Read on...

This is a great option for kids aged 2-8 who need to brush up on some of the skills and concepts they’ve been working on.

With over 850 lessons and more than 10,000 activities spanning the core subjects of reading, math, science, art, and colors, it’s a fantastic (and fun) way for kids to learn in a way that they enjoy. You can try it out for a month for free.

And who knows, maybe your kids will love it so much you decide to implement it into your homeschool curriculum during the school year.

But even that one month of access can be a great refresher opportunity!

Another online homeschool curriculum that a lot of parents use for summer learning and refreshers is Time 4 Learning.

It offers over 3,500 summer school lessons, activities, and learning games for kindergarten through 8th grade.

They don’t offer a free trial, but you are able to take advantage of their 14-day money back guarantee, which allows you to try it out and get your money back if it’s not the right fit.

Last, but not least, has a sizable library of summer educational resources you can use ... for free!

Plus you can sort by grade (K-8th), subject, and topic to find the exact activities your child needs to get a bit of an end-of-summer refresher.

I hope this helps!

And remember that the beauty of homeschool is that you’re able to help your child learn and grow at their own pace.

So even if they do experience a bit of a summer slide, it’s not the end of the world!

More tips for the new homeschool year:

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