The REAL Essentials for New Parents: What Do You Really Need for Your New Baby?

Are you pregnant and wondering what you REALLY need for your new baby?

What are the real essentials for new parents.

Read on to find out what the real essentials for new parents are - they aren't what you'd expect and nor will they cost you a ton of money!

As the baby magazines love to tell us, first-time parenthood is all about the stuff.

Most magazine articles featured a long list of items you 'must have' for your new baby.

They mention things like a new pram, a bath seat, dummy, baby swing, cot mobile, nappy bin and a bath thermometer.  I agree with only the last one!

The manufacturers and media would have us believe that it's all absolutely vital to our happiness and our new baby's health and safety.

But what about the REAL essentials for new parents? What do you really need for your new baby?

Reading an article recently, I found myself disagreeing with all the other suggestions.

Instead, I began thinking about what the real new baby essentials are as an advocate of gentle / attachment parenting.

So this is my list of everything a new parent needs, beyond the obvious essentials such as clothes, nappies and a car seat.

1. Your boobs

Breastfeeding your baby, for as long as you possibly can, provides all the food and comfort they could possibly need. 

See all our breastfeeding articles for help, advice and support sources.

2. Your arms

That's where your baby should be, I'm afraid.

Not in a baby swing/rocking chair/Moses basket/cot/whatever else, at least not for the first few weeks and months.

Yes, I know you need to go to the loo/take the laundry out/make a cup of tea, but it's amazing what you can learn to do one-handed, or stick baby in a sling.

Result: you're hands-free and can 'get on' PLUS baby is cuddled up close to you and happy.

3. Your lap

If you're sat down (if not, why not?!) and baby's asleep, have them lying in your lap, or if they're awake have them sitting or lying in your lap so you can interact with them.

Remember, your baby is learning all the time, from your facial expressions, how you move your mouth to speak, eat or drink, etc.

4. Your voice

That's how your newborn knows you.

Their vision is very limited for quite some time so your smell and your voice are the most familiar things to them.

Your voice is also the best source of comfort, alongside your milk and your touch.

5. Your smell

See above.

6. Your hands

Your newborn is reassured when you hold them confidently and firmly, but gently.

Your hand stroking their brow or head will send them to sleep quicker than any man-made device.

And what could be nicer than drifting off at your mother's breast with her face just in sight, her touch on your brow, and her voice singing you a lullaby?

7. Your partner

Yes, your newborn knows you best, but they will recognise your partner's voice from being in the womb.

If given skin to skin contact with your partner a short time after birth, they will be familiar with their smell, hold and touch too.

Me with Lara a few hours after birth

Well look at that, you already have all of those things, without spending a single penny!

Seriously, all your baby really needs is YOU.

No, you won't be making a rod for your own back by soothing them to sleep.

Yes, you will be able to breastfeed. If it's hard, seek out the best support, advice and guidance you can.

No, your baby won't be missing out by not being surrounded by lots of expensive kit.

You will, of course, need some stuff for baby, but beyond the essentials, this list is really fairly short.

I'd suggest:

1. Muslin squares

A large stock of.

They're something you never understand parents raving on about before you have children.

They are handy for everything, so buy loads! These are our favourite muslin squares.

2. Sling or baby carrier (or several)

Take a doll shopping with you (seriously!) and try some different baby slings out.

We found a stretchy wrap sling best for newborns and a more structured one as baby gets much bigger and heavier.

Find what type works for you, then buy new if you can/want to, or scour e-Bay and nearly new sales for a secondhand one (or two).

If you get into babywearing, you may even end up with a whole library of slings...

3. A feeding pillow

A moulded ergonomic breastfeeding pillow is so useful, but a couple of squishy normal pillows from the spare bed will work fine too if you need them to.

4. Cotton wool/top'n'tail squares/nappies

Ideally you shouldn't use anything on your newborn's skin other than cotton wool and tepid boiled water for the first six weeks, so no harsh wipes.

After that you can buy fab little muslin top and tail squares, which are perfect for cleaning faces and bottoms, and just get slung in with your cloth nappy wash.

We swore by Bambino Mio for all three of our girls.

No toiletries is the ideal up to 6 months, but if you desperately need to use something, make it organic. 

But remember that babies don't actually get dirty, cotton wool and water cleans most things, and nappy rash can largely be avoided by giving baby lots of nappy-free time.

5. Toys

From about three months on you will need some toys and books to entertain baby.

We love Lamaze toys and the Manhattan Toys Whoozit toy is always a favourite!

You can also make your own treasure basket for heuristic play as baby gets older.

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