Family Days Out in Hampshire: Peppa Pig World at Paulton's Park

We had the most fantastic day out recently at the fabulous Peppa Pig World at Paulton's Park in Hampshire.

Lara is, like most pre-schoolers, absolutely Peppa Pig mad, and was beside herself with excitement when we told her we were going!

When we arrived in the park and she first spotted Daddy Pig atop the Windy Castle ride, she could hardly contain herself.

By the time we reached the entrance to the park, she was just desperate to get in there, and not at all impressed with me for wanting to pause to take a photo!!

From the very start there is absolutely no ignoring the fact that you genuinely are in Peppa's world - complete with green hillocks, brightly painted houses, the distinctive trees, and all the characters.

Lara walked round with eyes on stalks, and couldn't believe it when Peppa and George were also there to say hello to her and Sophia, although she did get a little shy when George showed her Mister Dinosaur!

Not getting the idea that there were rides you could go on, Lara was happy just pottering round looking at everything at first, and was very taken with the idea that you could go in Peppa's house where the family are, and listen to them talk about making pancakes.

We went in there four times, and she still asks to watch the video we took of it!

Lara also loved the Mr Potato playground, including the fountain-filled Muddy Puddles area, even though on the day we went there was as much water falling out of the sky as coming out of the fountains!

We also made our required visit to the shop, where the phrase 'like a kid in a sweet shop' hardly covered it!

Wall to wall Peppa Pig, but I think we got off fairly lightly...

A quick lunch, and finally it was time for the rides.

Luckily, by this time a lot of the queues had subsided, as most people seemed to head straight for the rides as soon as they got in to the park, and the rain showers had also helped disperse people!

There are seven rides at the park, and all are suitable for young children, although some advise against taking on babies under a year old.

The first one we went on was Grandpa Pig's Little Train ride, as Lara has the toy version of this and loves it.

The ride takes you round a little circuit, and has Grandpa Pig calling "All aboard" etc, which Lara loved.

We decided not to take Sophia on Peppa's Big Balloon Ride because she was too young, so Steve and Lara went on that one, which takes you high up in the air and spins round.

Lara really liked the idea of being in the balloon, as well as being so high up and able to see out across the park.

Steve & Lara are on the left

We then opted for another ride we could all go on together, Daddy Pig's Car Ride, which was another circuit one where you see Grandad and Danny Dog and other characters on your way round.

Both girls sat in the front with me and had a go at driving!

Lara has Miss Rabbit's helicopter in her Peppa Pig toy collection, kindly bequeathed by her cousin Mya, and so Miss Rabbit's Helicopter Ride was the one she desperately wanted to go on next.

The skies were becoming increasingly threatening, and we did get drenched in the queue, but she got her wish!

Lara thought it hilarious that we could see Daddy all the way down on the ground, so we had to take a photo!

The last ride we went on was George's Dinosaur Adventure, which we all thoroughly enjoyed.

Lara adores Geogre and his dinosaur (grrr), so she was very excited about this one.

But being so tiny for her age we were a little worried Lara might not make it on, but stretched up to her full height she just managed it!

Older children get their own dinosaur to ride on.

The dinosaurs sit on a mono rail and take you round a circuit which includes a smoking moon crater, which was VERY exciting.

So exciting that Lara got off and immediately joined the queue again - twice!

We didn't go on Grandpa Pig's Boat Trip, or up on Windy Castle, but we will definitely be going back so will save those for next time.

In fact, as Paulton's Park is so close to us, I think we may well be investing in a season ticket!

Lara was not overly keen on leaving Peppa Pig World as the photo above suggests, but we had spent all day there and wanted to allow time to go on a Viking boat ride she had spotted on her way in.

It had shades of one of her other favourite TV characters, Mike the Knight, so I think that was the appeal!

Lara was one very tired, but very happy, little girl as we made our way home, and we cannot wait to go back.

It is just the perfect day out for any Peppa fan, and if you are travelling far (or even if you aren't!), I would thoroughly recommend booking one of the overnight stay packages, so you can really make the most of your visit and see the rest of the park and all the great rides for older children too, not to mention the animals and birds.

We had a brilliant time, even with the interesting weather that day, and will definitely be back very soon.

Lara's parting words were "See you soon, Peppa and George" as she blew them a kiss from the car!

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