Eating Out With Kids: Prezzo (Review)

Having spent a fair amount of our 'courting' time in the Chichester branch, stylish Italian restaurant chain Prezzo holds a special place in our hearts.

Although I must say, recent visits have been less than successful, and we were rather unconvinced of how child-friendly they were.  But a recent visit to the Lymington branch has changed all that.

Our visit to the Lymington Prezzo last weekend was quite frankly outstanding, both in quality of service and of food.

As for child-friendliness, out of this world!  From the moment we walked in the door to this beautiful, clean space, we completely relaxed.

All the staff were friendly and welcoming, especially the manager, but our lovely waitresses Estella and Magdalena went out of their way to make sure we had everything we needed, and happily interacted with and entertained Lara, who made the most of exploring the whole restaurant, and garden!

Lara's menu came with one of her very favourite things - stickers!

Although they ended up on my arm, rather than the picture.

Not to mention also being given a balloon in her current favourite colour - toddler bliss!

We were given plenty of time to peruse the extensive menu, and served a delicious San Pellegrino Limonata, as our cruise of the market and shops had left us very thirsty.

The menu covers a multitude of pizzas and pastas, all freshly cooked to order, a few specials, and even burgers and a couple of other things for those who don't like Italian food (fools!)

There is also a 'light' option for those who don't want too much to eat or are on a diet, but don't want to feel to deprived - a smaller pizza or pasta portion with a side order of salad to accompany it.  I have had this before and it is a great idea.

We had the bread board and olives first, and Lara's face literally lit up!

At just £4.85, the bread board was excellent value for money, and included the most delicious tomato and pesto bread.  It was so yummy, and has leapt up the list to 'last meal' status for me!

Sophia loves garlic bread, so she was very happy, and Lara adores doing the olive oil/balsamico dipping thing, so she was delighted too!

Just look at that little happy face.

Our starters were substantial, and delicious.  I had the Baked Mushrooms, because life really isn't too short to stuff them Shirley Conran!

And Steve had the Mozzarella in Carrozza, which he really enjoyed.   All of the starters are priced at just over the £5 mark.

The girls both had a garlic bread starter as part of their £5.95 children's menu (3 courses + a drink), and we were most surprised that they were full size breads.

My children are both skinny wretches, but boy can they eat! So they were more than happy.

As Lara busily amassed more balloons, in between dashing off to play with her new friends, we saw our pizzas being spun in the kitchen, and they duly arrived.

When confronted with a menu as extensive as Prezzo's (15 pizzas, 3 calzone, 20 pastas, 5 grills, 5 salads and 3 risottos), I am quite glad of being a vegetarian - scanning through for the little green Vs makes choice a little bit easier! 

Meat eaters, you better order your bread & olies as soon as you sit down, you're going to need them while you salivate ponder long and hard over the menu!
Steve and I decided on pizzas, he the Fiorentina (spinach, free-range egg, grana padano cheese, marinated olives, mozzarella, tomato), and me the Vegetarian (baby sunblushed tomatoes, grilled courgettes, roasted peppers, fresh rosemary, olives, mozzarella and tomato with pesto dressed baby spinach), priced respectively at £8.75 and £8.95.

Both pizzas looked absolutely stunning, and tasted even better.  Excellent value too, as they were huge!

Vegetarian pizza, with more of Prezzo's delicious pesto

Fiorentina pizza

Both Lara and Sophiaa are huge pasta fans, so we ordered the spaghetto for Lara and the penne for Sophia, both with tomato sauce - and lots of Parmigiano!

Sophia did pretty well with hers, but Lara had eaten so much bread, and was enjoying herself so much with Magdalena, that all she wanted to do was play.

But we brought the rest of the spaghetti away with us and she had it in the evening.

All our food was delicious and fantastically fresh, even the mixed salad, which is sometimes not the case when eating out.

We were thoroughly impressed with the quality of the food, and the pricing, all of which represented excellent value for money.

I've told you about taking Lara's spaghetti away with us, well we didn't manage all of our pizzas either, so they came with us too, and the rest of Sophia's penne, and the rest of their garlic breads, oh and an absolute mountain of desserts which we had no room for at the time...

In fact, so much food to take away that this is what our caravan fridge looked like that evening!!

The food kept us going all the rest of that day and on into lunch the next!

Amazing desserts such as Tiramisu, Honeycomb Smash Cheesecake, Profiteroles, Chocolate Fudge Cake and Lemon Drizzle Cake are available at around £5 each, and we recommend very single one!  

Unfortunately, we'd managed to misplace the camera by then (let Lara play with it, oops!), but rest assured they're yummy!

We will be back to Prezzo like a shot, we had a fantastic time and the food was absolutely delicious.  We highly recommend you go too!

A huge thank you to the manager and staff of Prezzo, Lymington, and especially our lovely waitresses Estella and Magdalena.  Final word goes to Lara:

"Go see ladies again, I like ladies.  I had fun.  Man nice too, we went in garden.  I like it there, good pasta, good bread.  It nice; it yummy.  Mmm, good!"

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