What to Put in a Christmas Eve Box

Another fab guest post for you today, this time from the lovely Debs over at Super Busy Mum.  She claims to live in a madhouse of domestic chaos, but any photos I've seen always look way better than our own chaos!  Although with 5 small people aged from 14 to under 1, she is certainly SUPER busy!

Her post for you today is all about Christmas Eve boxes, which is such a lovely tradition to start with your children.  We do a version of it, but after reading this persuasive piece I may have to go over to the whole box idea.  What do you think?

This year starts a new Christmas tradition for us as a family. This year the children will be given a fabulous Christmas eve box to open & enjoy. I got the idea from a photo that circulated around Facebook and once I saw it, I knew I had to do that for my children.

I was so keen to make them up that it wasn't even the middle of November before I had 3 little bags all made up {my 2 older boys, I doubt would appreciate a onesie, lol}

So what can you put in a Christmas eve box?

When making up the Christmas eve boxes I got for my children, I'll admit, I got a bit overly festive and bought so much stuff! If you've never given a Christmas eve box before, here's a few ideas too what you can put inside:

New Pyjamas - There's nothing more lovely than seeing your children in scrumptiously festive new PJs, plus they'll look lovely in the Christmas morning photos {bed hair included!}

Cosy socks - Oooh we all love a good pair of soft, cosy bedtime socks, don't we! The children will love slipping these onto their tiny feet to keep them warm & snug.

Movie snacks - Now you can put a Christmas DVD into your Christmas box, but if your anything like us you'll already have a tonne of them! Or have movies recorded from Sky/Virgin TV. So movie snacks are essential in your Christmas eve box. Nothing nicer snuggling up together, watching a sweet movie about Christmas and having a munch.

Novelty ears and/or glasses - I love seeing these funky festive glasses in the shops. Everything from Santa stuck in a chimney, Christmas trees and Snowmen. They are fun and they'll be enjoyed by your kids and even the Mums and Dads too.

Christmas mug - With my children, I've got them Christmas mugs and I've put little hot chocolate powder sachets into them. Something that they can enjoy as they watch their Christmas DVD or before bedtime. Don't for the marshmallows! ;)

Santa key - Do you have a chimney? No? Well how is Santa meant to get in to leave presents!? Put a Santa key on your Christmas eve box for the children to hang on the outside of your front doors! Can't lock Santa out on the most important night of the year!

Reindeer food - Leaving the reindeer out in the cold as Santa does his job inside in the heat, it would be rude to leave them without a wee treat too {aside from their carrots!}.

Story Book - A Christmas tale to read to your little ones after they've laid out their cookies for Santa and the carrots for his reindeer. A tale of Christmas magic, funny Snowman and magical wishes being made on stars.

Cuddly Toy - Who doesn't love a cuddly teddy/doll to snuggle up to. Nothing cuter than going in to tuck up your children to find their little arms wrapped around the neck or belly of a stuffed friend. You could even got one of those wheat-germ filled ones, heat them up and make them super snuggly!

So there you go, plenty of ideas as to what you can put into your little ones Christmas eve boxes this year! Make it fun, make it magical and it'll be something you'll do every year until they are doing it for their children when they come of age too. Gotta love a family tradition.

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