How to Make Christmas Magical and Memorable for Your Kids

Are you wondering how to make this Christmas your best yet?

As busy mums, we have everything on our to do lists, but all we really want is to spend time with our kids making magical memories.

Read on to find out how to make this Christmas your most magical, merry and memorable one yet!

Sometimes in all the busyness and must-dos and don't forgets it seems like the only thing to remember is the Christmas stress.

But even in our commerical Christmas full of tickets, gifts and supermarket trips, there are still plenty of ways to make Christmas magical and memorable!

Finding our way through the commercial spin can be challenging but it is possible.

Whether you celebrate Christmas as a Christian festival or as a family occasion, the key to a magical, memorable Chrristmas is not the perfect gift, the picture-perfect family scene or the table groaning with festive fare.

Without sounding too much like a romantic Christmas movie, the true spirit of Christmas is in the love we share as we spend time with family and friends.

Giving our kids the gift of our time and activities that make magical memories could be the greatest gift we give them at Christmas time.

How to Make Christmas Magical and Memorable for Your Kids

Before you start planning what you think of as the perfect Christmas, think back to your favourite memories of Christmas as a kid.

I bet those memories are far simpler than some of the elaborate events and days out you had at the back of your mind for this year.

Making this Christmas magical and memorable for your kids doesn't have to cost a fortune or involve weeks of planning.

Back then there was no Elf on the Shelf, Advent calendars were simple cardboard pictures with little doors to open, and no-one felt the need to photograph and share every moment with their friendship circle!

Maybe it's time to reclaim some of the simpler things to make memories, rather than throwing more and more time and money at creating the perfect event.

If you love all that stuff, by all means carry on! BUT do not feel like you have to.

What Will Your Children Remember?

It's worth thinking through what your children will remember from this Christmas.

What will they find magical?

The best way to find out is to ask them!

Sit down and talk about past Christmases, jot down what stands out.

For our girls, it's decorating the house and the tree, baking cookies and mince pies, making Christmas crafts, a trip to the panto, sprinkling reindeer food on the grass then going to the beach every year on Christmas Eve to see if we can spot Father Christmas coming.

Of those the pantomime trip is really the only one that costs much money.

Making Christmas magical and memorable isn't complicated.

Find out what it is about Christmas that makes your kids' eyes sparkle.

Some Magical, Memory-Making Ideas

Helping our kids to enjoy Christmas and make magical memories is really quite simple.

Spend time together to bake, craft and have fun.

Do all the usual traditions you love, and maybe add some new Christmas traditions too.

Here are some of our favourite simple ways to create those fun family memories:

1. Decorate together - your tree decor may be a bit lopsided but everyone will love it anyway!

2. Listen to favourite Christmas music together while you decorate, craft and bake.

3. Make new decorations for your home and your tree.

4. Make gifts or bake Christmas cookies for friends and neighbour.

5. Take each child Christmas shopping for their siblings and the other parent, include a stop off for lunch or a hot chocolate to make it even more special.

6. Watch Christmas movies together. Make a list of everyone's favourites and have a few movie nights with a hot cocoa bar and all the snacks.

7. Drive around to look at the Christmas lights. This cute holiday lights scavenger hunt will add to the fun!

8. In the week before Christmas Day have a couple of family baking days where you whip up festive treats together.

Making Christmas magical with wonderful memories for our kids isn't yet another thing to add to the ever-growing to do list. It's just a question of spending time together.

What you craft or bake may not be perfect, but you will definitely have fun and you will help to make this Christmas magical and memorable for your children.

Make joyous memories by spending time together, instead of Christmas being a frenzy of worrying, shopping, cooking, buying gifts and over-stressing

Follow these tips and you’re sure to have a magical and memorable Christmas this year and every year!

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