25 Easy and Cheap Christmas Eve Box Ideas for Kids!

Yep, as if we mums didn't have enough to think about in December, now we have to get all creative and fill a Christmas Eve box too!

If book Advent and Elf on the Shelf * have already sapped all your creative endeavours, never fear we have a list of 20 of the easiest ever Christmas Eve box fillers - and they're all super cheap too, which makes them even better in my book!

* Hint: grab this free printable list of Elf on the Shelf ideas for next year!

Read on for 25 Easy and Cheap Christmas Eve Box Ideas for Kids! 

25 Easy and Cheap Christmas Eve Box Ideas for Kids

Firstly, the box.

OK, you can buy some absolutely gorgeous Christmas Eve boxes that will last a lifetime, but you can also just put some wrapping paper round a cardboard box and make it look great.

Either way, try not to choose somethign too big as the bigger it is the more you're going to need to fill it!

Christmas Eve Box Fillers

Now onto the fillers, just what are you going to put into that Christmas Eve box?

Like stocking stuffers, these can add up fast, but we have a load of ideas that won't cost a fortune and are readily available online or on the high street.

I've listed them in sections: things to snuggle, entertainment, movie essentials and Christmas magic.

Something big is a good start, so a snuggly thing or two would be excellent:

1. A snuggly blanket

2. New pyjamas - Christmas-themed or all year round ones

3. A new teddy or cuddly toy / plushie

4. Slippers

I don't know about your house, but Christmas Eve seems super L-O-N-G over here!

Even with fun Christmas baking, last minute preparations and a church service, there's time to fill so some form of entertainment is essential.

6. A new book or two - here are our favourite Christmas books.

7. A new board game or card game

8. A new Christmassy colouring or activity book. For older kids, a dot-to-dot or wordsearch book

9. Gingerbread people with icing tubes to decorate them

10. Supplies to make binoculars to look for Father Christmas's sleigh - where is that guy?!

11. A new DVD or make your own 'movie night pass' for a favourite film

Christmas Eve is made for family time so, when everything else is done and you can all sit down together to relax in front of a Christmas movie, the kids will have their snacks all ready.

13. Extra marshmallows and any other hot chocolate toppings they love

15. A bag of corn for popping - or ready-made. You can buy cute red and white striped popcorn holders in pound shops for extra cuteness.

16. Favourite chocolates and sweets

17. Chocolate coins

18. Candy canes

We're all about the Christmas magic here, so add these to your Christmas eve box to keep the magic going for as long as possible:

19. Magical Reindeer food - wildlife friendly one of course!

20. A mince pie ready for Father Christmas

21. A carrot for the reindeer

22. A magic key for Santa

And finally, ready for bed...

24. A letter from Father Christmas with a timely reminder to get to bed early!

25. And a sparkly, new tooth brush.

Sweet dreams!

There you have it, 25 super easy and cheap ideas for your child's Christmas Eve box. Start now and you'll be all ready for the 24th!

Merry Christmas!

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