Christmas Organisation: 2 Weeks to Go

So two weeks today will be Christmas Day - yay!

I'm sure you're all organised and calmly serene, but just in case here's our guide to remembering what's important and avoiding Christmas stress.

Hopefully by now your presents are wrapped, cards sent, appointments booked and all plans finalised. 

If you want to check back, here are our previous Christmas organisation guides.

And now on to this week, off you go!

Deliver Local Cards

Deliver any local cards, preferably on a day you can stop for a cup of tea if people are in.

Make arrangements to swap presents with any friends or family you won't be seeing over Christmas. 

Can you make the present swap a nice occasion?

Even if it's just a walk round the local garden centre to look at the decorations, or a quick coffee in town, it would be nice to make an occasion of it.

Keep Wrapping

Of course you're following the principle of wrap as you go, but now is a good time to make sure no gifts have escaped your eagle eye.

And also to put them into sacks or piles according to person or group of people.

If this is when you find that one of your children looks like they have significantly more or bigger than the others, maybe you can get something big but cheap to make up the visual shortfall?

You may have been meticulous about matching cost for cost, but sometimes they only see how big their parcels are!

Stock Up for Stockings

With all the big presents bought, or nearly all at least, now is the time to turn your attention to the stockings.

See our stocking filler ideas list if you're stuck, and also our stocking filler gift guides.

Confirm and Check Everything

Confirm your Christmas Day and Boxing Day plans with all concerned.

Check everyone is clear about timings.

Make sure you have all the train tickets, hotel reservations, and have printed out and stashed safely away any other paperwork you need.

Check again that you have enough crockery, cutlery, chairs, napkins and glassware for everyone.

Send round reminders of any parties you are hosting to get a more definite idea of numbers and organise glass hire at your local supermarket if necessary.

Finalise Your Menu

Confirm your Christmas menus, and write a time plan for Christmas dinner and any other meals or days you need to.

Double check your shopping list to make sure everything is included, and don't forget tissues, loo roll, serviettes, batteries, cleaning products etc.

Find all the recipes you need and make sure you have every single thing on your shopping lists.

Create your place cards, table centrepieces and place settings if they don't include fresh greenery, and stash them away ready for the big day.

Fill Your Freezer

If you haven't done so already, fill your freezer with easy meals to defrost and cook between Christmas and New Year.

Lasagne, pies, casseroles, soups, hot pots are all things that can be made ahead and frozen, freeing up family time when you want it most.

Ditto baking, make mince pies and any other goodies and stash them in the freezer so you can be the hostess with the mostest at a moment's notice!

You domestic goddess, you.

You could also make and freeze your bread sauce, stuffing and cranberry sauce, ready to defrost in the fridge on Christmas Eve.

The Food Shop

Try to get all your last non-perishable food shopping done this week, everything but the chilled food and fresh fruit and vegetables.

Do your drinks shop this week too, remembering alcohol, mixers, juices, and any non-alcoholic options too.  Stash everything away in your pantry, garage, spare room or conservatory.

It's not too late to order from the supermarkets for Christmas and New Year collection.

Start topping up your Christmas delivery trolleys, remember the ones you secured ages ago with those expensive bottles of Champagne?

Decide What to Wear

Some people stay in pyjamas all Christmas Day, others go all out in cocktail dresses and black tie. 

Most of us fall somewhere in between.

Decide what you'll wear when, and the same for the children

Make sure everything is washed, dried and ready to save any last minute dashing around.

If you're going away, do your packing now.

And do the same for any party outfits you might need over the festive season.

Check and press your outfits, and hang with jewellery, wrap/coat, and shoes so everything is ready to go.

Finally, check your diary for all those fun Christmas dates and events, and look for the gaps.

Now schedule in some time for long baths, face masks, half an hour with a cup of tea and a book, and a daily walk, even if it's only a ten minute one. 

And remember, that time is sacrosanct, just as important as all the other stuff in your diary.

Your body, and mind, will thank you for scheduling in some down time amongst the fun and festivities. 


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