Review: Sshh! Don't Wake Dad and Articulate!

We have linked up with games producer Drumond Park to bring you a pair of games that will entertain the whole family.  Perfect for rainy days and quiet moments, board games area great way to spend time together, without distractions.  They help bolster self-esteem, make children feel valued, encourage turn taking, patience and team work, and are rich in learning opportunities.  Why not make these fab games and make a family games night feature on your schedule?

We love playing family board games and the girls have been asking for Sshh! Don't Wake Dad since they saw it advertised over Christmas.  The game board features slots to attach dad's bed and a host of perilous spots between the kids' bedroom and the very tempting chocolate cake in the fridge.  Can the kids (players) creep past dad, who is snoring loudly in bed, without waking him?  Risking setting off alarms, TVs, howling cats and more, the players move forward, and back, according to the colour they spin.  The first to get to the fridge and grab the yummy cake, wins.  Just don't wake dad...

The games is easy to grasp and great fun, although we found  it does take a while to play if there are a few of you and everyone keeps going back to the beginning every time they should.  It's great fun though, and the girls are yet to tire of playing this one!  Sshh! Don't Wake Dad is widely available and retails at £22.99, recommended age: 5+

If you haven't played Articulate! yet you've probably been living under a rock somewhere for quite some time.  The fast-talking, quick thinking game is a raucous team game, perfect for larger families or gatherings of friends.  Just pick a card and describe the item, without using the word itself.  Categories include Nature, Person, Action and World.  Can you describe a tulip or a limousine, or define the word accruing, well enough for your team to guess what it is?

With just 30 seconds to articulate the word on your card, players race against the clock, miming and arm waving optional, frantic description compulsory.  This game can get a bit crazy, but it's hilarious too, just don't get too panicky about your time running out!  Articulate! The Fast Talking Description Game is aimed at players aged 12 to 100 and retails at £32.99, it is widely available.

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