Review: Crystal Hydro 1 Day Lenses - and 5 minutes to Myself!

Like most parents of young children, I look back with utter incredulity at the vast amount of free time I had BC (before children).  Those halcyon BC days of thinking only about myself, time to read books all afternoon, spend hours chatting on the phone, having long baths without someone popping in to check I'm OK/play with the bubbles/use the toilet/have a chat.  I even remember wild and wonderful things like sleeping late, having beauty treatments and eating my whole meal without someone cadging bits.  Ah, crazy days indeed.

These days I barely have time to clean my teeth or occasionally shoot a vague glance in the mirror before leaving the house.  The phrase 'take me as you find me' has never been more apt!  Every holiday I optimistically pack a couple of face pack sachets, which return unopened; and every night I think, I'll wear contact lenses tomorrow, then frantically grab my glasses every morning as the demands for CBeebies/breakfast/whatever else begin in earnest before I can even focus.

BUT have set me a challenge to compare two different types of contact lenses.  So, because it's for work, I have to take a couple of minutes to put my contact lenses every day, and do you know what dear reader, I've now expanded that time to a whole five minutes, in the bathroom, on my own.  I know, shocking!!  Yesterday I even managed to apply one of those face masks, admittedly only a leave on for two minutes type, but hey it's a start.  Don't be shocked if you come round next week and find me lying on the sofa, face pack on, book in hand and cocktail by my side.  Well, I can dream...

So what of these contact lenses?

1-Day Acuvue MOIST contact lenses

Type one was the updated version of the soft daily disposable lenses I used to wear all the time, the 1-Day Acuvue.  The new, updated version 1-Day Acuvue MOIST uses new technology to combine the proven  material of the original with a new moisture-rich ingredient, embeded into the lens via a proprietary process.  The theory is that this creates a long-lasting smooth cushion throughout the lens, giving a fresh, comfortable feeling all day and helping to prevent dry eyes.  They also offer UV Blocking and 123 Inside-out-indicator.

At £17 for 30 daily disposable soft contacts, the price of Acuvue seems to have changed little over the last few years, although of course these are the updated version, so better value for the same price.  But unlike my previous supplier, offer fast delivery, with same day shipment on orders placed before 3pm, meaning delivery can be within as little as 24 hours.

So what did I think?  I found that I could wear them for longer than my old lenses, and my eyes didn't feel dry at all.  The only issue I had was that they tend to flatten out on your finger tip quite easily, or even turn inside out, so they become a bit fiddly and I did drop one or two into the wash basin so had to throw them away.  They seem flimsier than the old Acuvues.

Crystal Hydro 1 Day contact lenses

The second type of contact lenses I have trialled are the Crystal Hydro 1 Day lenses which are exclusive to  Having listened to their customers' requirements, they have found these low cost, trouble-free daily contact lens which offer the comfort and convenience of daily lenses at the lowest possible price.  At just £9.25 for 30 they are amazing value for money.

With aspheric optics for great focusing, a moisturising agent for all day comfort, and multi back curves to provide a great fit and ease of use, UVA & UVB protection, these lenses have it all and at a great price.  They are CE and ISO approved for maximum safety, and are an easy direct replacement for any existing daily lenses on the market.

They are also ideal for anyone who normally uses monthly disposables.  This new low cost daily option means an end to expensive solutions, and all the hassle that comes with them.  Just wear these for a day then throw them away.  Give them a try, you really will believe your eyes!

Compared to the problems I had with the Acuvue MOIST, the easy to open packets of the Crystal Hydro and their ease of handling was quite a relief.  The blue tint makes them easy to see and they are robust enough to stand well on the finger tip.  They are comfortable and don't dry or cause irritation, still feeling moist and fresh at the end of a day of wearing them, all at such a great price.  I'm converted!


Daily disposable contact lenses are the most hygienic, convenient and safest way of wearing contact lenses, but the cost has often put people off wearing them in the past.  Now they are available at such great value prices, it's worth adding this small expense to your health & beauty budget for the month - even for us busy mums!

Which ones should you try?  Having tried the two different types of contact lenses in various permutations, Acuvue Moist in both eyes, Crystal Hydro 1 Day in both eyes, one in each eye, I can honestly say that I prefer the Crystal Hydro.  They are easier to handle, very comfortable and long-lasting, and they win hands-down on price.  You can order Crystal Hydro 1 Day lenses here.

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