Make Digital Play Real with Magikbee Smart Toys

Digital play is becoming ever more the norm for young children, with kids as young as three being adept at using their parents iPads and Smartphones, often at the detriment of more physical, traditional play. With the current emphasis on coding, STEM skills and digital tech, giving our children the chance to develop technical know-how is imperative, but can it be combined with a more traditional style of play too?

Meet Magik Play, the world’s first iPad™ game, that merges real wooden toys with kids educational apps.

Magik Play merges real wooden toys, just like grandpa had in his toy box aeons ago, with the digital power of the iPad and a set of fun, and rather cool, augmented reality educational games.  This brilliant concept bridges the gap between physical and digital play, combining tangible real world toys with the digital universe.  A special type of augmented reality enables the smart toys to interact with the iPad when brought near the screen, creating a seamless experience between the physical and the digital play.

Do you remember having a set of blocks as a child?  These tactile toys could be used to create towers, forts, bridges, castles, rockets and more, endless possibilities presented themselves.  That hasn't changed in generations, and the same possibilities continue today.  As ever, beautifully crafted and brightly coloured wooden blocks introduce young children to shape recognition, block handling, building, balance and colour.  Yet now there is the added bonus of using them with iPad games to provide extra fun and learning opportunities.

The blocks themselves are all made of natural wood and do not require batteries, internet connection or device pairing, so they can played with on their own too.  This truly is the reinvention of wooden toys, enabling these timeless classics to continue to play an important role in children's development, reinforcing and encouraging motor skills, spatial reasoning, creativity and active play.

Magikbee Smart Wooden Toys are designed to exploit those benefits and further extend their possibilities, making them interactive with digital content, thereby engaging children and enriching play.

Magik Play brings the fun play of building blocks to the magic of technology, and creates a whole host of new possibilities.  Perfect for children aged 3 to 8, the carefully curated games are designed to teach children important developmental skills, challenging them to manipulate blocks and recognise shapes, as well as using the iPad to solve puzzles.  Skills such as spatial reasoning, orientation, measuring and motor skills are developed, whilst the tactile element of the blocks prevents mindless staring at a screen!  The challenges all require physical manipulation of the blocks to keep those brains ticking over.

Each of the games has different play modes and levels as children's skills develop.  We especially love how collaborative it is, encouraging children to turn what is usually a solitary activity (digital tech) into a joint one to engage in with other family members and friends.

Runaway is just one of the games available that challenges kids to build complex structures using the real wooden blocks, thus helping their character escape from the bad guys.  They might even have to quickly dismantle the structure to save the day. It's a challenging and fun family game that develops kids fine motor skills, spatial reasoning, balance and also collaboration and problem solving.  Great fun!

Magikbee, the creators of Magik Play, have recently been selected to join the Amazon UK Launchpad programme.  The Magik Play Starter Kit is now available, making the perfect Christmas gift.  The starter kit price is £46.90, and includes a set of 10 smart wooden blocks, a special wooden iPad stand, as seen above, and three exclusive educational games for iPad.  Magik Play is compatible with all versions of iPad from 2 to the most recent iPad Pro 9.7’’, including all iPad mini versions.

You can find out more about Magikbee and their Magik Play interactive toys on their website, or follow them on Facebook.

The Magik Play Starter Kit bridges the gap between physical and digital play by creating a seamless experience where wooden toys interact with educational games.  Get the starter set, which includes three educational iPad games, a set of blocks and a wooden stand so your children, niece, nephew or Godchild can learn new skills and have hours of fun!

Buy the Magik Play Starter Kit at Amazon.

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