Review: Chad Valley Pipsie Interactive Horse

With the news that parents spend only 6½ hours playing with their child each week, less than an hour a day, Chad Valley have launched a new Mini Masterclass series to encourage parents to find their inner child again.  Led by their children, grown-ups are taught how to build, how to tell a story and - most importantly - how to make a mess!

With their roles reversed, the kids teach the parents how it's done with pint-sized presenters offering some much-needed advice and guidance on the art of play.  Trying to take down the barriers to play, such as feeling embarrassed, lacking imagination and generally not knowing 'how' to play, Chad Valley have produced a series of three videos. 

Dr Jacqueline Harding, leading child development expert, commented on children's inherent mindfulness:

"Children wallow in play in ways that adults have learned not to and this latest poll is telling of the struggle that adults face when it comes to entering a realm of imagination that they left behind when growing up."

Well the children are certainly giving them some tips on how to get back to that instinctive way of playing, we love this How to Tell a Story video:

Now exclusive to Argos, Chad Valley know a thing or two about good toys, having been making them for 150 years.  The brand focusses on imaginative play, without electronics, and encourages play for play's sake.  We are part of the Chad Valley Play Panel, a collective of children and families across the country who provide first-hand feedback, play advice and toy reviews.  Our latest delivery from Chad Valley included a brilliant Wooden Police & Fire Station, Car Carrier, and the lovely Pipsie Interactive Horse.

Adorably soft with beautiful big eyes, Pipsie comes to life and interacts with children, walking, neighing, swishing her tail and nodding her head.  The girls had spotted Pipsie in the latest Chad Valley TV ad (she gets married to Unicorn Cupcake!), so they were delighted to receive her for review.  Here's their first meeting:

Pipsie is a big hit, especially when she eats the little apples, munching away happily.  When you press her ears she neighs, nods her head, swishes her tail and even walks.  The cats aren't entirely convinced about that bit I must admit!

Lara is all about animal care at the moment, with her current ambitions including becoming a zoo keeper for penguins or sloths, a scientist in Antarctica or a stand-up comedian.  She practices for all these future roles, apart from the comedy, by maintaining a collection of cuddly toy animals which are fed and groomed daily.  Pipsie comes with a brush to keep her mane and tail looking beautiful, so Lara has delighted in taking charge of her daily grooming and maintenance.

The girls absolutely adore their new friend, and have delighted in looking after her and getting to know her.  A perfect Christmas gift.

Chad Valley Pipsie Interactive Horse is available exclusively from Argos, priced £39.99, but is currently on offer at £29.99.

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