Family Days Out in Berkshire: How to Survive LEGOLAND Windsor in High Summer

We braved LEGOLAND Windsor a couple of weeks ago, yes, the middle of the summer holidays - yikes!  It actually wasn't as busy as we had expected but, that may have been because our girls aren't interested in all the big fancy rides.  I know some of those had wait times of up to an hour.  The other areas, such as MiniLand and the Star Wars models section weren't too busy at all.  Anyway, the girls were excited about going, of course.

First stop, and last stop, was the Star Wars area where there are lots of models of the different scenes from the movies.  The girls love these little guys on the way in.

You come out into the gift shop (of course!), where there is a vast array of Star Wars sets to browse and purchase.  One quick tip, if you do buy early on, they will keep your purchases for you until you're ready to leave, which saves carrying it all around with you.

The girls all love the giant LEGO models, marvelling at how they're made and stuck together.

Tatia was amazed at this Batman sign which had apparently crashed into the pavement, and kept looking round to see if she could see him.

Whilst Lara loves this LEGO mine, where you can see the moles digging the LEGO bricks out of the ground.  You can even feel the ground rumbling beneath your feet when they let an explosion off to find another seam of LEGO!

The girls are still fascinated by George Washington, so this recreation of Mount Rushmore is always a hit.

Miniland is one of their favourite places at LEGOLAND with its recreations of various countries across Europe, and the big London area.  When we visited at the beginning of the year (a few days after opening), the whole area was filthy dirty, full of litter, and in a terrible state of disrepair.  Thankfully, it was much better on this visit, and we even spotted a LEGOLAND worker in the water making repairs.  (Lara's dream job!)

After their fill of Miniland, for now anyway, we headed to the next favourite place: Heartlake City.

We were lucky to arrive just as a LEGO Friends show was starting, so the girls were able to see their heroes in action.  Tatiana had a great time, dancing away.  We were lucky as, for 'technical reasons', all the rest of the LEGO Friends shows were cancelled that day.

After the show, Sophia and Tatiana queued up for photos with the girls.  Tatia clung on to Andrea, she was so delighted to see her in the flesh!  So sweet.  Mis was missing, so we did wonder if she was ill and the aforementioned 'technical difficulty'.

After a quick trip to the Heartlake Shopping Mall shop, and a peer around the model there (lots of "ooh, we must make that Daddy!"), we headed to the City Walk Pizza & Pasta for lunch.  Situated right by the Harbour (where the shows are), there are tables outside and a large buffet, with plenty of salad options, pasta and pizza, as well as unlimited drinks, for a great value price.  The girls enjoy sitting there and watching the shows, whilst eating whatever they like, and it is great value.  I would advise getting there early or late though, as 12.30-2pm it is very busy.

Whilst everyone  else was still taking their lunch break, we headed over to the Fairytale Brook ride which is the girls' favourite.  With all the famous fairytale characters, it is a fun ride and not at all taxing.  One quick tip, if you have a child with autism or another disability, ask them to stop the ride so you can get on more easily.  Dependent on the staff, they usually will, although we have had issues with some staff members in the past.

In nearby Dupoland, we did not have to queue long for the little train ride, which Tatiana was keen to get her sisters - and me! - on.  We also spent some time in the playground there, and ventured up to the plash park, although that was absolutely rammed with people, it being a hot day.

While Lara and Sophia went to explore Miniland again, Tatia and I queued for the Sky Rider car ride.  She has been desperate to go on it for ages, but it has always been closed, so seeing it open she wasn't going to take no for answer!  This was the only time we had to queue for a significant time all day, and it was about 40 minutes.  Well worth it in Tatiana's eyes though!

Of course, it was the summer holidays, so LEGOLAND Windsor was definitely more busy than it usually is when we go during term-time, but even so it was OK and not too long to wait for the things we did go on.  If you do want to go on the more popular, big rides, such as the Ninjago one, then it may be worth investing in the QBot facility.  (If you do have an autistic child, check out the free Ride Access Pass.)

We have received complimentary Merlin Annual Passes which were used for the purposes of this review and visit.

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