10 Easy Ways to Make Money Fast

Many of us are stuck wondering how to shell out on extra treats for the kids during the school holidays, how to afford Christmas or buy birthday presents, or just how to pay the bills and make ends meet. With endless costs and less money coming in we need to find ways to make money fast. Here are 10 ways to make around £400 or £500, a nice boost to your bank balance! Here's how to make some extra money fast.

Follow these 10 steps and you should make at least £100 a week extra.  Start today and that's a minimum of £400 in your pocket ready for all those ice creams and day trips this summer, a great Christmas, or just to pay some of those bills off and get through another month.

Here are 10 ways to make money fast:

1. Declutter

We all have way more stuff than we need, and one (wo)man's junk/clutter is another's treasure and all that!  Have a huge clear out and sell anything you don't want or need.  Ask the children to go through their toys and get rid of anything they no longer play with or love.  Outdoor toys and seasonal clothes sell particularly well at this time of year.

Where can you sell things?

Good quality items, unwanted gifts, kids toys and clothes: online selling sites such as eBay and local Facebook selling groups are the best bet.

Larger items such as bikes, garden furniture: try eBay again (local pick up only), Facebook selling groups and Gumtree.

Books, DVDs, games and music: Music Magpie pay per box, and they collect it too.

Old phones: check all your 'miscellaneous' drawers for old mobiles discarded after previous upgrades.  Check the sold listings on eBay to see what you could get, and compare it to the prices offered by recycling sites.  £100-200 is possible.

Everything else: load the car up and set your alarm early then get out and do a car boot sale.  You should only have the cheaper items left after your eBay etc efforts, so price to sell.  Yes, you can take the remainder to a charity shop on the way home, but wouldn't it be nicer to come home with an empty car?  Put up an 'everything 50p' sign and your treasures will fly off the stall.  We made £250 profit in two car boots last summer, so it's definitely worth it.

2. Shop wisely

Whatever you are buying over the next few weeks, ask yourself first of all if you really need it.  If you do, then shop around for the best deals and voucher codes, and always buy through a cashback website like TopCashback or Quidco.  You can get money back on everything, from your supermarket delivery to your summer holiday.

3. Save easily

Shop around.  Learn the tricks to save money at the supermarket, wherever you shop.  Try shopping from your cupboards and freezer for a week, and aim for as many no spend days and weeks as possible.  Take lunch to work, and refuse to buy expensive takeaway coffees apart from for the occasional treat.  You will easily save £5-10 a day.

4. Switch your bank account

Move your bank account to a new provider and you could pocket as much as £200.  Look around for the best deals online.  Currently HSBC are offering £150 (+£50 after a year); or move your bank account to M&S for a host of rewards, and they will give you a £125 gift card, with a further £60 over the year.

5. Ditch Sky

Get rid of your pricey TV package and seek out a cheaper alternative.  Now TV has some great offerings which you can mix and match to meet you needs, meaning you will only have the channels you do actually watch.  Or cheaper still, sign up to Amazon Video or Netflix and just watch what's available.

6. Online surveys

Yes, I know these get a bad press, and no, you won't become a millionaire doing them.  But to get paid for an hour in front of the TV is all right, isn't it?  There are some like Swagbucks, Toluna and YouGov which offer a higher fee per survey and other opportunities to boost your points balance, such as apps and even product trials such as toothpaste or chocolate.  They pay out relatively quickly too.

7. Sell your skills

Whether you are good at designing, writing, photography, you can sell your skills on sites such as Upwork, People Per Hour or Fiverr.  If you are good at social media or other online skills, you could offer your services as a virtual assistant.  Rates start at around £15-20 an hour.

Alternatively, offer your gardening services or dog walking on local sites or even by printing up some leaflets and dropping them through doors.  Word of mouth is always a good idea too of course, so put the word out to friends and family that you are looking for extra work and ask them to ask around.

8. Switch to save

Move your gas and electricity supplier and you could get cashback as well as saving a significant amount of money each month.  TopCashback is currently offering up to £80 when you use comparison services such as uSwitch and FreePriceCompare through their site.  So not only will you save potentially £100+ on your bills, you will get cashback too.

9. Rent out

If you have a spare room, make enquiries with local language schools to see if they need hosts for their students.  Sign up to Airbnb to rent out your room, or any other form of accommodation you can offer.  Or you could even consider a more long-term arrangement and get a lodger.

You could also rent out your driveway or parking space, ideal if you live in a large town or city where parking can be tricky and expensive.  Try JustPark to see how much you could earn.

10. Re-gift to yourself

Check your wallet, purse, handbag and kitchen drawer for gift vouchers you haven't used.  Again, you can sell them on eBay or try Zeek which offer you nearly the value of your vouchers in cash.  If you really want full price, ask family or friends if they are more likely to shop at that store than you are.  (For example, the auntie who only shops at Waitrose will gladly buy your John Lewis vouchers.)

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