7 Simple & Easy Ways to Update Your Living Room for Summer

It's officially summer and the sun is shining.

Time to make some quick and cheap updates to your living room to make summer living as fun indoors as it is outside.

It's time to bring in more light, connect outside and in, and add some bright colours and fun, summery touches.

Updating your home for summer is easy with some simple but effective tweaks and the addition of just a few new accessories, perfect whether you own or rent your home.

Summer decorating is one of my favourites, it's so fun and full of quirky touches, so ditch the faux fur and heavy fabrics and get ready for summer sunshine.

The key elements to a great summer makeover are bright colours, light fabrics and even some themed touches.

Think beach, tropical, coral, natural elements, or even millennial pink.

Add just a few accessories to make your living area lighter and fresher all summer long.

1. Rearrange the Furniture

The oldest trick in the book, and the least expensive.  After all, you have everything already!

Move your furniture round to make the most of the outdoors and the light.

Make windows your focal point instead of the fire or TV, and you'll instantly refresh the room.

And never overlook the power of a declutter!

Edit what you have, be ruthless with junk, and make the most of the things you really love.

Summer needs space, so pack things away and give yourself more room to breathe.

Keep out what you need, and think about summery, bright colours for open shelves to add a fresh look.

2. Add Voile Curtains

Heavy, ornate curtains are warm and luxurious for winter, but swap them out for lighter versions once the weather warms up.

You already have a curtain rod, so look for airy, sheer fabrics like voile which will open up the room and let in more sunlight.

Voile is the perfect way to give your room a new look without spending much.

They let the sunshine in helping to make the room brighter, they are light on the eyes, and they make your summer living room more stylish and chic.

And don't forget to give your windows a really good clean to make the most of the light!

3. Change the Cushions

Adding pillows is a great way to add colour and texture, and the impact they create can give your room a fresh new look.

Taking away heavy, dark cushions and throws that were cosy in the winter and replacing them with light and fresh versions in the summer can lift and freshen a room instantly.

Florals, botanicals and tropical prints are always summery, and fun pastels can definitely make a room.

The perfect summery cushions

4. Rotate Your Art

There’s a lot that can be done with artwork, from rearranging existing pieces to creating new ones.  

What’s on your walls, and how it's displayed, can have a big impact.

Move pictures from one room to another, change the displays or make a gallery wall of different pictures and frames.

Find a second hand mirror and paint the frame to match your space.

Then hang it across from a window to instantly make your room feel bigger.

Or snap up some old frames at car boot sales and spray paint them all the same colour.

Try framing wallpaper or fabric samples, pages from old books, or photos that remind you of summers past.

5. Accessorise the Room

Not just for your wardrobe, the right accessories make your home perfect too.

This season natural touches are big so think wicker or woven baskets and driftwood with lighter coloured plants like cactii.

Or you could go the opposite way with big floral or tropical prints.

Lemons are a huge trend right now, but bright colours are always summery and fun.

Or go themed with beach and seaside accessories like a seashell, beach hut or nautical theme.

6. Add Flowers and Plants

Bring some tropical life into your home with palm tree houseplants or bamboo, or add easy to keep plants like succulents and cactii.

Keep your fruit bowl filled with vibrant, in-season produce which looks great and always gives you something healthy to snack on too.

For less than your weekly coffee budget, you can grab some beautiful summer flowers and change the whole look and feel of your home.

Look for bright flowers like sunflowers, carnations and peonies to really create a summery feel.

Buy from your local farmers market or go to a pick your own place to really enjoy the experience, although a beautiful floral delivery is always a treat.

7. Scent the Room

Hopefully your doors and windows will be open all summer letting in the scent of your garden or balcony.

But you can give them a helping hand by adding essential oils like lavender around the room, or add citrus or tropical scents in candles and reed diffusers to set the summer mood.

Summer updates can be quick, easy and, best of all, cheap.

You don’t have to revamp every inch of a room to make a difference, and with some simple changes your new summery living room will be ready to enjoy all summer long.

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