Poopsie Slime Surprise Unicorn Review

Tatiana was beside herself to receive the Poopsie Slime Surprise Unicorn to review.  She has become completely obsessed with slime in recent months so this was kind of the Holy Grail of toys for her!  Sophia loved the gift she received too, check out our review of the Poopsie Slime Surprise Unicorn Poop Pack.

The Poopsie Slime Surprise Unicorn is like a giant surprise bag with more than 20 surprises to unwrap and discover.  Inside the big box is a cute, wide-eyed unicorn with zany hair, but before oyu get to her there are various accoutrements including clothes, hairbrush, a potty, and everything you need to make up the slime to feed her with such as powder sachets, feeding cup and spoon.

Tatia was soon into the packaging, barely giving me time to grab the camera, she was SO excited.  A word to the wise, do supervise the opening as we had one glitter explosion when some over-enthusiastic packet opening accidentally opened a sachet as well.

Opening all the different components is all part of the fun and they are all over the place on the inside and outside of the packaging.  All the huge anticipation and excitement this entails is all part pf the fun of course.

There is a nappy, t-shirt, assorted sachets for making the unicorn food (slime), as well as the hairbrush, feeding utensils and a little colourful poop friend.

Eventually you will have all the bits out and be ready to open the main packaging to find the unicorn herself.  Canny parents may have worked out which unicorn it will be, but the five year old was completely unaware.  There are four unicorns to collect and it is, of course, a surprise to see which one you get.  And just look at the face you get when it is the one she has been hoping for and wanting!

The four unicorns are Rainbow Brightstar (rainbow), Oopsie Starlight (pink), Whoopsie Doodle (purple) and Dazzle Darling (blue). Oopsie Starlight and Rainbow Brightstar come in the white boxes, and Whoopsie Doodle and Dazzle Darling come in a purple box.  The case is reusable and ideal for storing the doll and all her bits and pieces.

As you can see this one is Rainbow Brightstar, the one Tatia really, really wanted - I think she'd seen them in a TV advert.  She was absolutely delighted.

More accessories are inside the main box with the unicorn, and of course it's now time to put on the nappy and t-shirt, while excitedly chattering to your new friend.  Even without the slime element, she is a great toy and perfect for wheeling around in a buggy, or pooping in the basket on the back of your bike for ride.

Once everything is unpacked and arranged, it's time to make up your slime and get it in her so the pooping can begin (ah the things you say as a parent blogger!).  I have to tell you that, although making up the slime is easy, actually getting in can be rather tricky.

You must read the instructions carefully before you begin (hint: have one parent supervise the unwrapping, while the other grabs and digests the instructions), and follow them to the letter.  There is a dial at the back to turn before feeding, and make sure the tummy button is popped out before you begin.

Feed some of the glitter, then water, then the slime, each time allowing the spoon to rotate in the mouth.  The need to push the spoon to the back of the throat is a little alarming, so it might be worth emphasising to little ones that this isn't how you feed anyone else!

There's a knack to this that we have just about conquered, although ours may have dysentery as often everything that goes in goes straight through...

All in all, I think we have had more success with the slime than other people seem to have.  I've heard reports of leaks and all kinds of messes and traumas.  Luckily, we have been OK so far.

A few people have asked me if it is worth the price tag.  On balance, I would say yes, because the excitement of all that opening, Tatiana's delight, and the fact that she is playing with the unicorn separately to the slime element makes it worthwhile.

It's a fun toy, perfect for slime and unicorn lovers, that has play value beyond the initial slime excitement.

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