7 Things to Look Forward to in Autumn

Rather than regretting the end of summer, it's time to look forward and look forward to all that's wonderful about autumn.  Not just the big stuff like Guy Fawkes here in the UK or Thanksgiving in Canada and the US, but all those little things that make autumn special.  Here are our favourites.

A chill in the air

Seriously, it's good.  A great excuse to pop the blankets back on the sofa, wrap up a bit warmer, and indulge in a super rich hot chocolate or one of those vanilla, gingerbread or pumpkin spice hot drinks from your favourite coffee shop.  Beautiful sunrises on early mornings, and a slight nip in the air is a joy.


We don't celebrate All Hallows Eve but seeing brightly coloured pumpkins (uncarved!) is a joy in itself.  We love to visit a local village which makes a huge pumpkin display each autumn, and the local pick your own place and farm shops are always awash with pumpkins and squash of every shape and colour.  Plus you get to make delicious food with those gorgeous autumn vegetables!

Crunchy leaves

Watching the trees change colour and the leaves begin to fall is lovely.  And then you get the chance to run around in them, kick and crunch through them, and then throw them in the air to run through.  Pretty magical stuff actually!

New TV series!

Sorry this one is rather facile, but lots of great new TV series usually start in September and October.  This year we're looking forward to the last series of Homeland and Man in the High Castle and various new series on the BBC.

Staying indoors

Now I love being outside, and I'm all over getting kids out in nature as you know, but some days you just yearn for time indoors, taking a long hot bath, curling up with a good book, or doing some baking.  Rainy, cold autumn days are the perfect excuse!

Getting outside

OK, most of the time we'll be out, of course.  Apple picking, going to the woods with torches at dusk to look for badgers and foxes, watching the trees change colour, playing in the leaves, returning to Ramster Gardens for its autumn opening, jumping in puddles, playing Pooh sticks in the Ashdown Forest, and enjoying having our parks and beaches back to ourselves.

There's foraging to be done too of course, the last of the blackberries, apples to scrump where we can, and then sloes and hazelnuts to pick.  And there's still plenty of time for barbecues on the beach as the sun starts to set.  November sunsets are often particularly glorious here for some reason.

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Guy Fawkes

We might not celebrate the end of October thing, but we do get very excited about the 5th of November.  This was always the big autumn celebration when I was a child, and I have carried it on for our girls.

We celebrate the history, make arts and crafts, bake gingerbread and, if Lara is feeling OK with it, go to a display or two.  I do love this singularly English event and like to make the most of it.

Then Christmas can begin!  The Christmas music, books and DVDs are out on the 6th and the mince pies are open - we are a little but Christmas-obsessed!!

So there you have it, the 7 things I most look forward to in autumn.  What about you?

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