25 of the Best Gifts for Cat Lovers

If you know someone who loves cats, then you are spoilt for choice with gift ideas as there are endless gifts for both cats and their owners out there. Yep, when it comes to gifts, cat parents everywhere are some of the easiest individuals to shop for.

Check out this list of the best gifts for cat lovers and their feline friends.

1. This Awesome Cat Duvet Cover

You’re sure to find the perfect style of cozy bedding with this amazing kitty duvet set. There are several colors and patterns to choose from and will fit up to a king-sized bed.

2. This Heartwarming Book

Shopping for a bookworm? You think you’ve heard it all about your furry whiskered friend, but not until you read this book. Here are 101 stories about the good, the bad and the just plain weird about cats that is perfect for cat lovers.

3. This Sassy Travel Mug

Well, this mug says it all. If you know of someone who just happens to love both cats and hot beverages, look no further than this cute kitty travel mug.

4. This Ornery Oven Mitt

It’s all fun and games until cat hair becomes a condiment in your household! This adorable oven mitt will sure add some spice to a cat lover’s kitchen d├ęcor while keeping their hands protected from hot surface.

5. These Ridiculously Hilarious Christmas Cat Pyjamas

You know all those families who dress in matching pyjamas for their holiday photos? If you’re going to be that family, make sure you do it right with this colourful kitty onesie. They come in sizes from 3-6 Months all the way up to Adult XX-Large, so there are no excuses not to have every family member matching!

6. This Cute Kitty Wine Stopper

We all have that friend who claims they aren’t drinking alone if their cat is with them!! Now they can pair their wine bottle (if there’s any wine left) with this adorable cat wine stopper.

7. This Roll of Kitty Duct Tape

If you’re truly stumped on a gift after this entire list, you might as well just purchase this roll of duct tape dedicated to kittens wearing bow ties! It just makes sense, especially for a Secret Santa gift.

8. This 365-Day Desk Calendar

Your coworker Janet is undoubtedly the crazy cat lady of the office and she wouldn’t have it any other way. Gifting her 365 days of naughty but cute kitties will probably just tempt her to adopt 6 more next year, so maybe you should really think this one over....

9. This Brutally Honest Guide to Cats

We could all use a good laugh (or cry). This comprehensive guide to cats provides entertaining illustrations for both veteran and newbie cat owners so you’re best prepared for whatever your cat is plotting against you.

10. This Lovely Set of Bookends

Now that there have been two books about cats included on this list, you might as well pick up these black cat bookends to complete your collection. These are durable and made of metal with a non-slip grip, so say goodbye to the constant re-positioning on your bookshelf.

11. These Sweet Little Shower Slippers

Imaging stepping out of the shower feeling oh-so-fresh and so clean. You slip your bare feet into these adorable slippers and as you exit the bathroom, a glowing pair of eyes longingly stares at your bare, wiggling toes.

…you know what’s bound to happen. It’s the perfect gift, if you want your manicured feet mangled.

12. This Very Unique Shower Curtain

It’s a cat with a katana. As soon as you check out this shower curtain in its full glory, you’re going to do whatever it takes to find someone to gift it to because it is that awesome. Or, you could just get it for yourself. That’s perfectly acceptable.

13. This Necessary Cat Window Perch

Almost all cats love to sunbathe and watch the world burn from a distance. If you or someone you know loves to spoil your cats (yes, you do), then this window perch is a must-have.

14. These Dainty Kitty Socks

How adorable are these little socks?! This set of 5 pairs are sure to keep a cat lover’s feet warm during the cold winter months and strike up some interesting conversations.

15. This Monopoly Game Dedicated to Cats

When you think Monopoly has run out of ideas for different themes for the same game, you’re wrong. It’s a good thing, because we’ve all been waiting for Cat-Opoly our entire 9 lives.

16. This Meow-tivational Kitty Water Bottle

Know a cat lover who doesn’t drink enough water? Motivate them to stay hydrated with this adorable 32-oz water bottle that encourages them hour-by-hour to sip away and stay fresh.

17. This Litter Box Zen Garden

Do you think that cats sometimes visit their litter box just to get a little peace and quiet? Find your inner calm with this mini Zen garden complete with cute cats.

18. This Irresistible Laundry Basket

Aww! There’s nothing more adorable than a soft cotton rope kitty hamper quietly staring at you from across the room until you get the sudden urge to do your laundry. Seriously though, what a handy basket for any cat lover.

19. These Funny Wine Glasses

Once again with the cat lover who happens to also love wine… I present to you a set of 4 stemless wine glasses that project the cat parent’s love of their furry friend straight from the glass. It’s perfect for someone who’s sassy, just like their cat.

20. This Memorable Figure

This one is sure to make someone tear up after receiving as a gift. There’s nothing sweeter than a girl who loves her cat. Many of us take special heart to Willow Tree collection, and this With Affection figure is no exception to the list of must-haves.

21. This Delightfully Warm Hat

Oh goodness, if you didn’t think this list was going to get any cuter, hold tight. This cute knit hat with kitty ears is perfect for Christmas and is guaranteed to make someone squeal in delight.

22. These Humorous Cat Magnets

Who doesn’t love a cute kitty tail? This set of 6 magnets are both cute and handy.

23. This Dedicated Set of Mugs

A perfect gift for the die-hard cat parents, these adorable kitty mom and dad mugs are sure to bring a smile to any cat lover’s face as they sip on their morning coffee.

24. These Efficient Pet Hair Gloves

Either your cat is going to think these pet hair gloves are puuuurrfect, or they’ll straight up attack your freaky foreign apparatus hands. Regardless, these gloves are fantastic for picking up extra fur so there is less vacuuming and more bonding time with your fur baby.

25. An Interesting and Creative Project

When it comes to the different mediums of art available on the market, I never would have thought of a kitty “paint by sticker” book. This is a great gift for cat lovers looking to relax and zone out while sticking together a cat-tastic masterpiece. There are a total of 12 pages for all-ages fun.

When it comes to living and breathing everything cats, there are plenty of gifts around. I hope this list provided you some entertainment while conducting your Christmas shopping this year! Happy Meow-idays!

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