Creative Ways to Package Your Christmas Gifts {with free gift tags!}

Gifts, gifts, and more gifts! Now we just need to decide how to package them all...

How are your gift wrapping skills?

And would you like some gorgeous labels to adorn them with - for free?!

Scroll down for some gift wrapping tips and to grab your free gift tags...

Unfortunately, some of us aren’t very skilled in estimating the correct amount of wrapping paper needed for this monumental task.

And while our default may be to throw the presents in a dollar store bag with tissue paper (my hand is enthusiastically raised), sometimes it’s really nice to get our creative hat on and change up our packaging a bit!

One way to do that is too add a cute gift tag to the finished parcel.

Scroll down to grab this set of gorgeous gift tags for free!

Switching up your ribbon is another way to make a package look more rustic, classic, or funky festive.

Try some Christmas neon green ribbon on brown paper to give your gift a unique flare.

If you’d like to go for the rustic elegant look, try some burlap or lacey ribbon to tie on gifts wrapped in brown paper.

Buffalo check ribbon or wrapping paper would be a classic style right now, too.

The way you style your ribbon can also change the 'feel' of the package.

Some people prefer to curl their ribbon, while other tie their ribbon into bows.

Recently I saw some books wrapped in heavier weight white paper and a simple Christmas tree stenciled on the top.

That was it. And it was lovely!

I thought this idea would be a great way to involve younger kids in the Christmas wrapping process.

You could easily use other colours of paper and various Christmas stencils too.

So, true confession: I am a bit particular when it comes to gift tags.

I love beautiful gifts tags in different styles and sizes.

I think that gift tags can give such a unique touch to Christmas packages!

We’ve got some lovely printable tags for you to add to your Christmas packages this year.

Festive, elegant and with lovely lettering, plus there are 6 small tags, 2 larger ones and a special full-size delivery from Santa at the North Pole one.

Just sign up below to have them sent sraight to your inbox:


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