Would you be Better off as a Private Landlord or Using a Letting Agent?

Many UK homeowners who are considering renting out their property must make a difficult decision before getting into the business. They must decide whether it’s best to rent as a private landlord or to use a letting agent.

If this is you, the path you ultimately choose will have a significant impact on your overall experience, so it's important to consider this carefully. Here, we will discuss both options to optimally prepare you for this decision.

Who is a Private Landlord?

Simply put, a private landlord is someone who decides to rent a property without the support of a property management company. Private landlords can be divided into two categories: professional landlords and casual landlords. Professional landlords usually have a property portfolio and treat rent as a business.

On the other hand, casual property landlords become landlords of property in certain circumstances - by acquiring family heritage or moving house themselves - and therefore usually have a more relaxed approach to renting their property.

Advantages of Renting as a Private Landlord

The argument about private landlord versus rental agency is one that has been going on for a very long time. Incidentally, both options have their advantages and disadvantages.

The biggest advantage of renting as a private landlord compared to a rental agent is simple: the cost. Since there is no one to pay for, this can be a great way to reduce operating costs, and it will be of particular interest to someone who has never been a landlord and wants their only experience to be as simple and trouble-free as possible.

Another reason to act as a private landlord is that you control everything that happens in relation to the property. Again, it depends on your personality and whether this is the right choice for you. Some people want to have a hand in everything they do, while others prefer a hands-off approach if possible.

If you are not a particularly detail-oriented person, you may not be a private landlord, because there are plenty of details that need to be checked to avoid some things falling in through the cracks.

Advantages of Using a Letting Agency

The biggest benefit of using the letting agency’s services is that virtually everything about the rental property is handled for you. After all, it's their job, and you pay them for it. Property agents not only ensure that your property is up to date and that all legal requirements are met; they also ensure that your tenant's rights are respected.

For someone who does not have much experience in property rentals, all the details can be a bit overwhelming, to say the least. At this point, property agents really deserve their fee - they already have work experience in renting a property, so they know in advance what to do and when to do it. This not only saves time but also saves the landlord and tenant and is often worth the cost.

Final Thoughts

No doubt using the rental agency method is the right choice for many people. However, there are also a large number of landlords who like to manage on their own, so it's about getting to know yourself, how much you are willing to save, and the system you are most comfortable with.

And remember: once you choose the path, it does not mean that you are associated with it forever. You can always do away with a method that does not favour you and go for the alternative.

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