Fun Snail Paper Plate Craft for Kids {with free template}

This cute snail is the perfect craft for toddlers and preschoolers to make, combining paper plates with pompoms.  If they love cute animals or have a fascination with mini beasts, they'll love this fun craft.  It's easy to prepare and uses only simple supplies.  We even have a free printable template to help you out!

Just print out the template with the adorable body and face on.  Younger toddlers will need the parts cut out for them, while older kids can do it for themselves.  Remember to supervise scissor and glue use!

The only other intervention you'll need to make is to help with creating the pattern.  Older children, probably 5+, will be able to do the whole craft by themselves with minimal supervision.

We have given you the green body as a printable, but you can easily draw the shape out in other colours onto construction or printer paper, like the pink one shown here.

Here's how to make a cute snail craft with paper plates and pompoms

Paper Plate Snail Craft

Supplies needed

Snail body and face printable - get it here
Googly eyes (optional)
Paper plates
Quick dry glue or glue stick


1. Print out the free snail template.

2. Cut out the shapes.  (Easier to do this in advance if you have toddlers.)

3. Cut one curved side off the paper plate to create a flat surface.

4. Glue the mouth and eyes from the free printable to the snail's head to give him a cute face.  You could even add googly eyes, if you have some.

5. Stick the swirl of the snail onto the plate.  Try to make sure it fits the straight surface at the bottom of the plate.  The head should run up the side of the plate.

6. Decorate the snail with pompoms in every colour of the rainbow.  Apply the glue and attach pompoms around the swirl.  A repeating pattern might be nice or just random rainbow colours, let your child use their imagination.

7. Leave the craft to dry before displaying.  You could even use this as a way to start a minibeast or snail study with the children.

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