How to Make Sure Your Child Stays Healthy at School This Year

As kids head back to school this year, you will be wondering more than ever just how can you keep them safe and healthy. As parents, these are frightening times with schools being a potential melting pot of germs and potential illnesses. But there are ways to help your child stay as healthy as possible, so check out these tips for kids to stay healthy as the new school term begins.

The primary thing to teach your child is good handwashing techniques. Of course, we have all been , washing our hands frantically for months now but, before they head back to school, go over the recommended hand wash technique again.

We all know now that good hand hygiene is the best line of defense against colds, flu and viruses. So get your kids washing their hands well with soap and hot water.

Encourage them to wash their hands when they come into the home and before they eat or drink, but also to regularly wash their hands throughout the day.

Water first, then soap, rub for 30 seconds including every area of the hand and under the nails, then rinse again and dry. Younger children will need to be reminded of this information regularly.

For times when soap and water are not available, kids should carry a small bottle of hand sanitiser with them and use it regularly.

Grab this handy printable which is perfect to put up in your bathroom and as a handy reminder as they go out the door.


Handwashing is definitely your first line of defence, but there is more we can all do. Remind your kids to sneeze into their elbow so they don't spread germs so easily, and to try to avoid touching their face.

When we touch an infected surface the virus can't enter via our skin, but it can as soon as we touch our eyes, nose or mouth. Teach your child to keep his hands away from his face, especially after touching surfaces.

Remind him that he shouldn't be sharing towels, so drying hands should be on a disposable paper towel or under a hand drying machine. Nor should they share hats, scarves or hair brushes, so no trying on anyone else's.

Ideally, all parents will keep a sick child at home but remind your kids to stay away from a classmate if they are coughing, sneezing or complaining of a sore throat.

Keep your child at home if they show any of these symptoms or they have had a fever, vomiting or diarrhoea in the last 48 hours. This will prevent any illness spreading to others and allow your child some time to recover. It also stops him being exposed to new bacteria that could make him worse or cause another illness.

Remember however that, even when a virus enters the body, there is no certainty that it will make you sick. Eating a healthy, well-balanced diet and drinking plenty of water will have their little bodies in optimum condition so even if they do get sick it won't last as long as it might.

You should make sure your child eats a healthy breakfast every morning and takes a healthy, balanced lunch box to school. If our bodies have to work too hard for nutrients and water they are more likely to be susceptible to illness.

It is also important to take a multi-vitamin for kids every day, our girls love these multi-vitamins and the Omega-3 version.

You may also like to add an immune strengthening supplement like elderberry liquid designed for kids. Staying active and getting lots of exercise outdoors as a family is also crucial to keeping you all healthy.

We are living in difficult times right now, but there are ways to make sure our kids stay as healthy as possible this back to school season and beyond. Follow these tips to kick start a healthy school year.

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