9 Steps to Get Ready for Back to School

It may seem as though the school holidays have only just begun, but it will soon be back to school time.  If you want to avoid running around like the proverbial headless poultry come September 1st, now is the time to start preparing.  Here are 9 steps to being back to school ready.

Buy new uniforms

Tackle the sea of grey, white and navy now and you're sure to get the right sizes before they sell out and you have to track down the last front pleats to Aberdeen when you live in Norwich.  Buy the best quality school uniform you can afford, and get a minimum of three tops and two skirts or trousers.

Label everything as soon as you get home so you don't forget.  Iron-on clothes labels are ideal, but a permanent laundry marker such as this one from Korbond's TAGIT range is great too.

Make adjustments

Older kids are unlikely to grow too much over the next few weeks so get the size they are now, but buy slightly on the large side for the really little ones, just in case.  Either way, you will probably need to turn up hems on trousers and skirts, with the added benefit of clothes lasting longer as kids grow.

This brilliant 7m hemming web from Korbond is a fantastic no sew solution which makes the whole process easier and quicker.  And don't forget the all-important thread for any repairs or emergencies!

Keep clothes clean

This one is nearly impossible in our house, with cats of every colour happy to deposit their fur on every item of clothing we own!  If possible, keep the new uniform tucked away in a wardrobe or cupboard where it won't get covered in cat or dog hair, jammy fingers or whatever else.  If the dreaded pet hair does hit, this lint roller will come in very handy.  At least they can look smart for the first few days of the new term!

Buy new shoes

The all-important new shoes are another thing to buy early before all the half sizes sell out, or they're stuck with something they consider utterly ghastly.

Don't forget to label them with their name, and also these great left and right stickers.  Sophia was notorious for putting her shoes on the wrong feet, but I think we have it sussed now having labelled her sandals left and right all summer!

Buy new lunchboxes & water bottles

Another thing that is likely to sell out quickly in store, although you should be OK online.  Getting the all-important correct character is a given of course, but do consider a more robust box inside the lunch bags as food gets tossed around at school and no-one wants to eat a nasty-looking mess at lunchtime.  We love the extensive range of divided containers from Sistema, and these brilliant stainless steel water bottles which keep water cold all day long.

Whatever you get, make sure it's labelled.  These are the things most likely to get lost within weeks or even days of the new term, so get a good dishwasher-proof adhesive label on there fast!  These fun monster labels from the TAGIT range are dishwasher and freezer proof and ideal for lunchboxes, water bottles, toys, freezer bags, book bags, pencil cases…the list is endless.

Start meal planning

Get s range of quick after school meals in your repertoire now and get into the habit of meal planning.  By the time September rolls around you'll be a whizz at meal planning and be able to get all required meals, snacks and lunchboxes done and dusted in half the time - not to mention not wasting any food.

If you are stuck for lunchbox ideas have a look on Pinterest for inspiration - it's not all takes three hours every morning Bento!  This post full of nut-free lunch ideas is a great place to start.

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Establish new routines

Take some time to put the structures in place now that will make mornings go swimmingly when everyone has to be out the door before 8.30. Establishing a morning routine that works for you, conquering your paperwork now so you start from a clean slate when the book bags come home stuffed with letters and finding ways to make life easier now will pay dividends down the line.  These simple organisation tips for busy families are a great place to start.

Work out how you can sleep better so you can become more of a morning person if you struggle to get going first thing.

Practice the route

Whether you are driving, walking, starting somewhere new, or they are going on their own for the first time, take some time to practice the route at different times of day in the weeks before school starts.

Are some routes better at different times?  Is your teenager confident with the roads they need to go over, and do they know where is safest to cross?  Do they know what stop to ask the bus driver for, or where to buy their train ticket?  If driving, can you find a safe drop off point that won't be three cars deep when term begins?  Practice now for ease, safety and confidence later.

This is the perfect way to quell some back to school anxiety, and the perfect time to have a chat with your child about what the new school year may bring, and any concerns they may have.

Enjoy the summer holidays

And finally, make the very most of the rest of the summer holidays!  Enjoy this precious time with your little ones because it certainly won't come round again.  If you're lacking inspiration or budget, or both, have a look at these articles:

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The new TAGIT range from Korbond offers simple solutions to often stressful tasks like hemming, and labeling that will make life easier for busy parents.  They help to make the transition back to the school routine as simple and fun as possible, freeing up time to enjoy the rest of the summer holidays together.  The range is available from Ocado, Amazon, Lidl, Morrisons, Tesco and Sainsbury's.

The Korbond Back to School Essentials Kit contains everything you need for back to school labeling and prep.

We hope these 9 simple steps will help you get back to school ready without the stress and drama that a last minute dash can bring. Whether you tackle all 9 steps this week or two at a time, there's plenty of time to get ready for back to school now so you can avoid last minute panics and everything can go as smoothly as possible.

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