What to Expect from Amazon Prime Day 2020

After a very uncertain year, Amazon have announced that their huge sale event, Amazon Prime Day, will take place next week on 13th - 14th October. A big change from the usual summer event, but perfect timing for those of us who want to get ahead on the Christmas shopping for a steal!

Here's just what to expect from Amazon Prime Day 2020.

This kind of 'Black Friday' event specifically for Amazon's Prime members usually takes place in July when there are hundreds of bargains in all departments, particularly summer stuff.

But this year, because of the crazy year we've had, Prime Day has been scheduled for October. Perfect timing for all that Christmas shopping!

BUT you do need to be a member of Amazon Prime to be able to get your hands on the bargains!

Hint: Sign up now for a 30 day free trial of Amazon Prime, then cancel it after the event if you don't want to subscribe!

To be honest though, a Prime subscription is worth it just for the Prime Video subscription! Ditch your cable TV and get loads of original content, lots of big films and TV shows included PLUS access to lots of other optional channels for just a few pennies a month. It's SO worth it!

Either way, whether you stay for the free delivery, TV options and more, or you cancel your subscription the day after Prime Day (actually two days but anyway), you still get access to some amazing bargains!

What happens on Amazon Prime Day?

Amazon rolls out thousands (rumoured to be up to 1 million this year) plus bargains across all departments, all on sale for a limited time at a bargain price. All the offers are available to Prime members only.

If you're after a big ticket item like a new laptop or need a new TV because your kid threw a hair brush at her sister and missed (just us?), this is the event to get it!

And (ssshh) the competition is reduced because not everyone has Prime and can access the deals, unlike on super crazy Black Friday!

But for most of us, Amazon Prime Day is actually going to be renamed this year to (drum roll, please) Big Christmas Shopping Day.

With everyone shopping online this year, media and retailers predict there is going to be a huge demand for products, especially all those must have 2020 toys, in the run up to Christmas.

Then there's the problem of getting a courier or delivery slot when everyone else in the world is trying to get a delivery at the same time. With everyone shopping online this year, it's going to be tough!

And the closer we get to Christmas the more likely supplies and couriers are going to run out, so this year, more than ever, it pays to shop early.

So I fully intend to make it easy on myself, and my bank balance, by snapping up as many gifts as I can on Amazon Prime Day.

I also plan to let you in on some of the best bargains, so make sure you check back on Tuesday and Wednesday to see what I've found. Trust me, it's way easier than going in there blind. It's so easy to miss stuff!

What discounts are there on Amazon Prime Day?

So far the brands lined up to take part in this year's sale include Philips, Toshiba, LEGO, Nintendo, Shark, Samsung, Under Armour, Sony, Le Creuset and Nescafé (this Krups Dolce Gusto is already on sale).

But remember, this is a sale that is exclusively for Prime Members only so if you want to really save on just about every item Amazon has to sell, you need to snag that Amazon Prime membership in advance!

I'm not supposed to tell you to cancel it after, but I'm here for you, so if it doesn't fit your life and needs, that's what I'm telling you!

If you do decide to keep your membership, it costs £79 a year or £7.99 a month.  This includes all those lightning deals, free delivery all year (often next day), Amazon Prime Video and much, much more.

But just how can you save BIG on your Christmas shopping and everything else this Amazon Prime Day? Read on...

How can I bag a good deal on Amazon Prime Day?

The kinds of deals that you can expect from Amazon Prime Day will vary dependent on the category you are shopping for. But there will be some blockbuster sale items in every area.

One of the tricks to saving the most money is to know ahead of time what you want to buy.

You also need to think carefully about your budget and to think about whether or not it’s truly something you need.

For example, saving £100 on a food processor that you’ll never use is not a good saving. But if you know you’ll use a coffee machine every day and you see one on sale, then it makes sense to snap it up.

When it comes to gift shopping, you may not know exactly what to get but you could shop in the general category of stuff they might like. For example, toys, beauty products or gaming.

Hint: For more ideas, you might want to take a look at our gift guides for ideas in the run up to Amazon Prime Day.

How can I get ready for Amazon Prime Day?

Our best tip is first to sign up to Amazon Prime.

Then you can make a £10+ purchase from a small business on Amazon to get a free £10 voucher to spend on Prime Day. Win-win!

Next, do some research now. Figure out what you might like to buy, and put everything into your shopping basket. Or you could create a new Prime Day wish list where you put everything you're interested in.

Then when the prices come down over the two day price extravaganza, all you need to do is click pay now to bag your bargain.

Most deals only have a limited time and they may only have a limited availability too. So you do need to act fast!

If you want to get a taste of what's on offer now, check out these early bird bargains:

In the US:

In the UK:

And that's just the beginning!

Amazon Prime Day Action

Remember, you need to be an Amazon Prime Member to participate in these deals. Sign up now so that you don’t miss out on any of the amazing gift items you’ll want to buy - even if they're gifts for yourself!

After the year we've had, you deserve it! Happy Prime Day shopping!

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