How to Use Tapestries and Wall Hangings in Your Home

When you think of tapestries, I bet some dusty National Trust house with faded scenes of battles or Biblical scenes comes to mind.

But did you know that contemporary tapestries and wall hangings are also a modern way of decorating your home and they have made a rather big comeback amongst the design cognoscenti?

Yep, modern tapestries are a hip new thing. Here's how to use them in your home.

The modern tapestry trend includes all kinds of wall hangings and textile art, from hanging Persian-style kilims to pieces of vintage fabric.

They are a contemporary twist on pictures or a gallery wall and can really inject your personal style into a neutral space.

Many people like to hang them over a bed or a sofa, but tapestries can be hung anywhere.

Wherever you put them, hanging fabric art on your wall adds colour, pattern and texture to any room and can work to marry the old and the new.

Decorating with textiles is the norm in  many other countries, such as Turkey, the Middle East, Russia and parts of Eastern Europe, but quite a new concept in the West - apart from those huge faded wall-size tapestries in crumbling country houses!

But decorating with textiles can be surprisingly contemporary and make even the most modern interior come together with a touch of colour, texture and style.

Wall hangings are also a great way to express and showcase your personality and taste in your home, in a way that our usual types of wall art cannot.

How to Use Tapestries in Your Home

There are many ways to use tapestries and wall hangings in your home, from small pieces of macrame to larger pieces like quilt covers or saris that cover a large expanse of wall.

Heavier wall tapestries or pieces with a thicker weave or heavier texture look best in a minimal room where they don't need to compete too much with other art or accessories. Keep the same colour palette to allow your wall art to blend in.

For example, the wall hanging below works with the texture of the cushions on the bed but its muted tones blend with the rest of the decor and allow the texture to stand out.

Brighter colours here would be overpowering.

By contrast, brighter colours such as those found in Turkish or Persian rugs and kilims will make a space feel warm and lived-in.

You could add a colour pop to a neutral room or use the wall hanging as the inspiration for the rest of your decor.

Create a contemporary modern style in your room with any of the bright shades like those below.

You can also add a splash of colour to a neutral room with a bright hanging like this gorgeous poppy design.

Using a bright colour palette and a contemporary, abstract design this wall hanging is as far away from a dusty hunting scene as you are likely to get!

Whether you pick up some vintage fabric at a flea market, collect beautiful saris on a trip to India, buy a Turkish rug or a kilim on your holiday, or buy a contemporary tapestry online, you can add colour, texture and interest to your walls.

You could even design your own custom tapestries.

Just take a look at these gorgeous ideas in House & Garden for inspiration.

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