15 of the Best LEGO Friends Gifts Your Kids Will LOVE!

Did you know that LEGO releases new LEGO Friends sets all the time, especially towards the holidays? Every season seems to bring new sets and the older sets do go on sale.

Now if you or someone you know is an avid collector be sure to shop ahead as it seems some of these sets are harder to find! As always these sets will contain small parts so be sure to keep out of reach of small children.

Need some organization ideas for all those LEGO sets?

Try some of these:

LEGO Brick Box (available in multiple colours)

So let’s get to showing off some of the best LEGO Friends gifts!

This LEGO set is a play on the popular baking competition shows you may have seen and encourages kids to create the best LEGO cake! Set contains 361 pieces.

Advent calendars are a great festive tradition and now they can get a new LEGO Friends piece every day up til Christmas! These do vary by year so it’s cool to grab the new ones each year.

Check out our list of the best Advent calendars for kids this year too!

This is a new LEGO Friends set for 2020 so it may be hard to find for the holiday season but keep checking. Set is 103 pieces.

This set also comes with the LEGO Friends characters Stephanie and Olivia as well as the airplane accessories. 574 pieces set.

A new for 2020 LEGO Friends Set, comes with three mini dolls (Stephanie, Mia, and Olivia) as well as accessories to go with the bus. 778 piece set.

This is a starter set which means that if you aren’t sure if they are going to like LEGO Friends it’s a smaller investment and doesn’t have as many pieces. Only contains 57 pieces.

New for 2020, this set features Stephanie and all the ice cream the kids can make! Perfect for any little one who enjoys playing store. 97 piece set.

Great gift idea for any little one who is interested in science.This set includes Olivia and Zobo (robot). 

New for 2020 this hair salon set comes with Emma and Natasha dolls. This set does include a building when complete and only 318 pieces.

Bring some wildlife to the LEGO Friends village they’ve started. This set does contain Mia and Olivia as well as some adorable pandas. 265 piece set.

This set comes with 82 pieces that can go with any LEGO set the kids may have. Keep in mind these are small parts and may not be suitable for younger kids.

This is a larger set than normal and comes with 460 pieces. (Includes Stephanie and Vicky minifgures) 

Each LEGO Friend character can be found with their own play cube which is basically like their little storage container with a few accessories. Smaller sets that contain less than 50 pieces.

For any animal lovers you may want to buy for this is an adorable set that includes Emma and a little pup to boot. Only 50 pieces.

A larger set to complete with 640 pieces this set comes with Emma, Andrea, and Ethan minifigures as well as tons of accessories for the boat.

Any LEGO fan will tell you that there’s never an end to having the complete set of ANY series of LEGO.

But with LEGO Friends and LEGO City especially they are constantly coming out with new sets every single year. So keep your eyes open for new sets all the time, and use our guide as a great start!

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