20 of the Best Christmas Toilet Paper Tube Crafts for Kids

If you have a stock pile of toilet paper tubes that you just swear you’re going to use for crafts but still haven’t…. then this post is for you. I’ve gathered up some of our favourite Christmas Toilet Paper Tube Crafts to share with you.

There’s no better craft project than one utilizing recycled items. If I can use it in a craft instead of throwing it away, I will.

And goodness me, we go through toilet paper like nobody’s business so there are always lots of paper rolls to be used!

I’ve tried to include a variety of ideas on this list, suitable for a variety of ages. You’ll find Santa, his Elf, Rudolph, Snowmen, some Wreath projects and more!

I’m certain you’ll find lots of fun projects to try!

Scroll down to find the full list of Christmas Toilet Paper Tube Crafts.

Christmas Paper Roll Crafts

Santa Binoculars 

Grab a few toilet paper tubes and go hunting for a sighting of Santa!

Kids will LOVE making these right before they head outside for some imaginary fun.

Get your child helping with making this fun napkin ring! Kids LOVE to help us and this is no exception.

They will enjoy decorating a toilet paper tube knowing that it will be displayed for everyone to see. 

This project is so simple that they will be able to help with ease.

How cute is this?! A Santa Windsock will make an adorable decoration for the holiday season.

Grab a few common supplies and you’re on your way to celebrating the festivities with your kids! 

With a free template and a few supplies, kids can get engaged in this fun reindeer craft for the Christmas season!

It makes a great decoration or they can use it for role playing. 

Speaking of role playing, why not make a Santa to go along with his reindeer?

This adorable activity is sure to be enjoyable and create lots of playtime after it's done. 

Add to the fun with this Elf paper craft! You can make several for a whole gang of little elves.

The end result is so cute and can be displayed for all to see or used as little puppets. 

Check out these fun elf crafts for kids to make too!

Once you’re done with Christmas characters, why not try making some snowmen?

This would be perfect right before sitting down to watch Frosty the Snowman or doing other fun winter activities. 

If you’re not up for baking gingerbread men, why not make some out of toilet paper tubes?

This cute Christmas craft is perfect for kids as they still get to decorate! Plus, how cute are these?!

For kids who love to help decorate the tree, they will love this craft.

All you need are a toilet paper roll, paint, scrap paper, and a few other common supplies.

You can even use it as a homemade ornament when you’re done by adding some string!

Once you’re done hanging your paper tree on the Christmas tree, why not make a topper?

This angel will be the perfect accessory to Christmas this year!

Kids will LOVE making this and feel so proud when they see it on top of the tree.

If you’re looking for nativity crafts, this is perfect.

Children will enjoy making the wise men along with their Bible study baout Jesus' birth and having conversations about the Three Kings.

Make this fun wreath to celebrate the 4 four Sundays before Christmas.

Each Sunday, night you can “light” one of the candles.

Kids will love to help assemble and decorate this fun advent craft.

These are so cute! Kids will love helping you make Santa’s little spies.

This is a great time to introduce the legends of Gnomes, too. I mean, how cool is it to think we have these little guys trying to protect Santa, us, and the treasure underground?!

This is sure to be an activity they'll enjoy.

We can’t possibly forget the Grinch! This would go perfect alongside the movie or story.

Perfect for little kids as the face isn’t quite so scary.

For a more realistic version, this is the perfect Angry Grinch craft.

Kids looking for a “spooky” version will love this one and it’s so easy to put together with the free template!

Christmas Wreaths are the ultimate family activity. Get everybody helping for a fun afternoon of crafting!

This cute wreath is so easy to make and you can add some variation with different colored paints, adding glitter, or anything else you can think of. Have fun!

Looking for a whole group of friends to make? With this activity, you’ll get to create Santa, Elf, Snowman, and Rudolph the Reindeer!

This is perfect for an afternoon of Christmas crafting with the kids!

This Christmas village is such a cute use of toilet paper rolls! Kids will definitely need adult help but they will really enjoy this when it’s done.

You can use it for imaginary play or decoration around your house.

This angel craft is the perfect decoration. Kids will love helping make this cute angel and it’s a great craft for bible studies.

All you need are a few simple supplies and you’re on your way to turning those toilet paper tubes into a cute decoration!

Keep kids busy with this Christmas wreath! Between the painting, threading, and gluing, they are sure to have a blast with this craft.

Younger kids will get great fine motor practice with this one. Plus, you can hang it as decoration when you’re all done!

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