How to Make a Cute Alien Bookmark {with free template}

These Alien Bookmarks really are "out of this world!"

If you have little readers in your life, they're going to need to make these adorable bookmarks.

Let's face it, bending pages to mark your spot in a book just isn't even an option!

If you're ready to have the kids channel their alien love, these homemade bookmarks are really, really cool.

It's a fun and simple craft that will have them loving their creative side.

Alien Bookmarks

It can sometimes be tough to get kids reading more and enjoying books. We've all been there, right? 

Those moments in time when you just haven't read a good book in a while and are really feeling as though you're in a slump.

Maybe ... just maybe ... you need a good bookmark to get you back into the reading groove. And this is what this fun bookmark is all about.

Your child can easily make their very own bookmark with minimal effort at home.

(They make great gifts to send to friends and family when you can't see each other too!)

And this means that every time that they crack open their book, they're going to have this sweet little Alien bookmark staring at them and waiting to make them smile. 

Alien Bookmark Template

We have a handy alien template which makes this simple bookmark fun and easy to make.

This is not only a fun weekend craft or activity, but it's also a super cute activity idea for an Alien themed birthday party as well.

The kids will love being able to be creative and design their own fun alien, and you'll love that they'll all get to make their own gift to take home with them too.

If you're ready to encourage reading a bit more reading in your home or are looking for a way to make reading fun, this easy DIY bookmark for the kids is beyond perfect.

They're going to love how wild and wacky it is and be excited to put it to good use!

How to Make a Cute Alien Bookmark


Here are all the materials you'll need:

Black marker pen


1. Print out the PDF template sheet, then cut out the templates.

2. Use the templates to trace and cut out your aliens from coloured craft paper or cardstock.

3. Now, take the alien’s antenna, and glue it on the top of the alien’s head. Allow the glue to dry.

4. Then, take the alien’s hands, and glue them on both sides of the alien’s body.

5. Finish making the body by gluing both feet on the bottom of the alien.

6. Glue the round eye shape on the alien’s face.

7. Then, use a marker pen to draw the eyeball and the mouth.

8. Cut out two pointy teeth and a tongue using craft papers according to the size of your alien’s mouth.
Then glue them on the alien’s face.

9. Now for the final step, use a popsicle stick or cut out a strip from thick card paper and glue it on the back of the alien.

10. Repeat with other colours of paper and assemble the body parts to make other alien characters.

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