20 of the Most Fun Ideas for Your Family's Winter Bucket List {with FREE printable}

Are you wondering what to do with your children at home this winter? Trust me on this one - the kids aren't going to want to miss out on this Winter Bucket list!

There are so many fun activities on this list that the kids are certain to love.

Let them explore and see how many items that they can get done on this list before winter comes to an end!

Winter Bucket List

Creating a bucket list is almost just as fun as doing the items on it. And isn't that the whole point of a bucket list?

To list out items that you'd love to do and remind yourself to not let anything stand in your way?

When it comes to teaching your children about the fun of a bucket list, this winter bucket list printable is perfect.

Not only are all these items totally doable but it's a fun way to get them excited about gearing up for some new and unique activities, too.

Keep in mind that a bucket list also acts as a fun guide so be prepared to join in with some of these items with them as well!


Can you change up the items on your bucket list?

For sure! This is YOUR bucket list, after all (or in this case - a bucket list for your family and kids).

If there is no desire to do some of these items on the bucket list, that's totally fine!

Just use our ideas for inspiration and create your own list, or add some more items to this one.

Because in all reality, your bucket list should be full of items that you want to do and that you're wanting to do together as well.

If there are one or two ideas on there that you want to replace, go for it!

After all, that's all part of the fun! (And it's also a super-easy way to get the lines of communication flowing with the kids about fun things to replace them with, too!)

What will make your family happy this winter?

Have fun with this Winter Bucket List printable.

It's a simple way to get active and engaged as a family!

Grab your FREE printable below:


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