How to Make a Cute Valentine's Day Heart Wand

Looking for a fun and simple heart themed Valentine's Day craft for the kids?

These cute heart wands are going to make their Valentine's Day so much fun!

When you can make your own magical wand at home, it's a fun way to be able to bring all the magic right to you!

Valentine's Day Heart Wands 

I remember making my own Valentine's Day crafts growing up and loving every single minute of it.

Isn't that part of the fun of holidays as a kid? You can easily create something magical with random items laying around the house.

I like to think that since I used to do that as a kid, I still have that talent now that I'm a bit older as well!

One thing that I do know is that these heart wands are crazy simple to make.

I love that they're one of those craft projects that I can easily set up in a few moments of time and the kids are actually excited and ready to start.

Because when it comes down to it, who doesn't want their own special magic wand to have on Valentine's Day?

Fun ways to share these heart wands

These wands are super fun to keep at home, but they're also really great for sharing with others, too. 

You can easily have the kids make up extra wands to hand out to all of their family and friends as a homemade Valentine for the day. 

Another fun idea is to have these heart wands in the car and have the kids hand them out to other kids as a sort of random act of kindness.

Because when kids share things with one another, there's really nothing more magical in the world than that.

Have fun creating these heart wands for Valentine's Day! It's such a fun and easy project for the kids to make!

Note: You can buy the wooden heart wands at Hobby Lobby (US) and Baker Ross or Amazon (UK).

How to Make Heart Wands


Here are all the materials you'll need:

Wooden heart wands (see above for where to buy)
Paint brush


1. Paint the heart red on one side and all the way around the edge.

2. Immediately sprinkle with glitter then allow to dry completely.

3. Once dry, flip the heart and paint the opposite side, immediately covering with glitter. Allow to dry.

4. Cut ribbon into long lengths. Tie around the wooden dowel and slide up to the base of the heart before tightening.

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