20 of the Best Books for Kids to Learn About Space

If you are planning a space theme in your home education or preschool setting, or you have budding scientists in the family, you are going to LOVE this list of the best space books for kids.

Children - and adults! - love learning about space, the moon, the stars and the planets.

In fact, for many, exploring outer space is one of their greatest joys as a kid!

Watch as kids light up with the wonder and amazement of space as you read any number of these titles.

But beware, it's like a game of dominoes - read one and they'll want to read more and more! 

I have done my best to include a variety of books covering planets, astronauts, stars and everything in between.

No matter if your child has a huge interest in space already, or if it’s a new topic to explore, they are going to enjoy these books.

Our girls are absolutely AMAZED by the idea of going to space and it's something we do lots of learning about.

So naturally, we have lots of space books lying around the house.

We hope you enjoy these space theme books as much as we do!

Scroll down below to check out my list of the best space books for kids!

The BEST Space Books for Kids

There’s No Place Like Space

The Cat in the Hat is at it again in this wild adventure!

Kids will love following along this story as they learn all about the planets in our solar system. Buy in the UK

Perfect for budding little astronauts, this story follows a special little mouse who wants nothing more than to go on a space mission!

Kids will love this story of a mouse who works hard to become a hero. Buy in the UK

A great introduction to space and our solar system for the smallest of explorers!

With bright beautiful illustrations on thick pages, this is sure to keep kids attention as they learn all about the basics of the solar system. Buy in the UK

Explore the entire universe with this book full of fun facts!

This is the perfect book for kids who are ready to learn more than just the basics. Buy in the UK

Everyone's favourite crazy cat is back.

In this story, we follow along as Pete heads off to space camp!

Kids are sure to enjoy all the space adventures with Pete the Cat. Buy in the UK

Learn just how big our universe is with all the big numbers illustrated in this book!

Kids will be amazed at just how big the world really is. Buy in the UK

Ms. Frizzle is back with some adventures that are out of this world (literally)!

Kids will love this story of the Magic School Bus taking the class on a trip exploring outer space. Buy in the UK

This book is the perfect intro to space for little hands.

Full of bright beautiful illustrations and fun facts, little ones will enjoy learning about space from a young age! Buy in the UK

The only thing better than a pop-up book is one in SPACE!

Kids are sure to enjoy this book as they learn all about space in a very interactive way. Buy in the UK

Introduce the concepts of space with your ABCs!

Kids will love learning all about space concepts with this bright and fun book. Buy in the UK

Blast off to the moon and find out what it would be like to have your party on the moon!

Kids will love this book as it presents a fun new way to learn all about space. Buy in the UK

The perfect introduction to space for little ones.

Peppa visits the museum to learn all about space!

The bright illustrations and glittery pages are sure to grab the attention of small children. Buy in the UK

This might be one of the coolest books about astronauts out there!

Follow Arial the Unicorn as she flies to space and has to handle a few problems along the way. Buy in the UK

Perfect for kids who love looking up at the night sky!

An introduction to our amazing planets, stars, and constellations, including tips on how to spot them. Buy in the UK

Introduce kids to the story of Neil Armstrong in this beautifully illustrated kids book.

With this line of books, kids will not only learn about the story of their hero, but see how they can strive for greatness within themselves, too. Buy in the UK

Such a great story of travelling to space and landing on the moon!

Kids will love flipping through the pages as they learn about spaceships, astronauts, and so much more. Buy in the UK

For kids who LOVE stars - this is the perfect book.

Explore space through the 88 different constellation patterns. Buy in the UK

This book is PERFECT for budding scientists.

While it’s more ideal for older kids, it is FULL of interesting facts about the solar system.

Everything from our planets, astronauts, constellations, and so much more in thorough detail. Buy in the UK

The Nerdy Babies series is a great intro for very little ones.

In this space story, we watch infants explore space and learn lots of fun facts along the way! Buy in the UK

In this story, we learn all about the history of the moon - told by the moon itself.

Kids will love learning about the moon through lots of fun and humour. Buy in the UK

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