Blueberry Lime Spritzer Mocktail Recipe: Cool, Delicious and Refreshing - The Perfect Summer Cooler

With sparkling water, blueberries, lemon, lime and a bit of honey, these Blueberry Lime Spritzers are a refreshing summer drink!

Perfect for garden afternoons, pool parties, kids parties, baby showers and anywhere else you want a fun mocktail. 

All I can say is that these Blueberry Lime Spritzers are about to become the drink of the summer.

I will, without a doubt, be keeping everything I need to make these on hand at all times.

Why drink summer Spritzers?

Spritzers are such a refreshing and cooling summer drink.

And, even though they’re truly simple to make, there’s just something elegant and classy about sipping on one.

And they're great for adding some extra vitamins to your day too!

There are so many flavour combinations possible, but the one I've settled on for this recipe is Blueberry and Lime.

Partially because I love citrus and partially because we have so many fresh blueberries over the summer that it just made sense. 

Instead of making a simple syrup out of the blueberries like many spritzers do, I chose to keep the blueberries fresh and whole and add honey for a bit of sweetness.

In my opinion, this keeps the entire drink lighter and cuts down on the work of cooking the blueberries with sugar to make the syrup.

What is a Spritzer?

A spritzer is a refreshing drink usually made with white wine and club soda.

However, non-alcoholic spritzers, like this Blueberry Lime Spritzer, are made from sparkling water and fruit.

Spritzers are such a cool summer drink as they’re light and refreshing, not super sugary.

Other Summer Spritzer Variations
  • Play around with your favourite berries - strawberries and blackberries also work well with lime.
  • Mint Basil and Lime Mint are refreshing and delicious flavour combinations too.
  • Blackberry & Sage and Rosemary & Citrus are great if you want to try a different herb.
  • Add a splash of Prosecco if you’d like to turn it into a refreshing alcoholic drink.

Can I store Spritzers in the fridge?

These Blueberry Lime Spritzers are meant to be drunk as soon as they’re prepared, otherwise the ice will melt and you’ll end up with a watery, not ice-cold drink.

What you could do is prepare the glasses with all of the ingredients up to adding the sparkling water and ice, so you just have to pull from the fridge, add ice and sparkling water, and serve.

More Non-Alcoholic Drink Ideas

Blueberry Lime Spritzer Recipe

Serves 2 tall glasses


2 lemons
2 tbsp desiccated coconut
½ cup Blueberries
¼ tsp fresh ginger
1 lime
Small bunch of mint
2 tsp honey


1. Cut 2 lemon wedges for each glass. Rub the rim of each glass with lemon and dip the rim into desiccated coconut.

2. Divide the blueberries between the two glasses.

3. Zest one of the lemons and add ½ tsp of zest to each glass.

4. Grate ¼ tsp of fresh ginger and add half to each glass.

5. Zest the lime and add ½ tsp to each glass.

6. Cut the lime in half and squeeze each half into one glass of blueberries.

7. Tear mint leaves into small pieces and add to each glass.

8. Stir 1 tsp of honey into each glass.

9. Top each glass up with sparkling water and stir to combine.

10. Add ice cubes, place the lemon and lime wedges on the edge off the glass and float a mint leaf on top before serving.

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