15 Amazing Vegan Brunch Dishes to Wow Your Friends and Family

A good brunch is well known for over the top dishes and sheer indulgence.

But many traditional brunch dishes include meat, or certainly eggs.

Whether you’re hosting a brunch this Mother's Day, or any time of year, with vegan or vegetarian guests, or just looking for recipes yourself, we have some delicious vegan brunch ideas.

Vegan Brunch Dishes Your Guests Will Love

If you are looking for inspiration of what to put on the vegan brunch table, you will find it here. 

From simple baked dishes like muffins and coffee cakes, to breakfast bowls and a few vegan savoury dishes as well, you are sure to find plenty of ideas to add to your brunch spread.

These nutritious pancakes are quick and easy to make and SO good for you too!

Packing a punch with oat milk, flaxseed and tons of juicy berries they are delicious and super healthy too.

This muffin recipe includes a trick to make the buttermilk a vegan way that you will certainly want to master for future use.

Handily, if preparing in advance, these muffins can be made and frozen until you’re ready to use them for brunch.

This yummy make ahead dish combines the deliciousness that is cherries and almonds to give oatmeal an amazing twist.

You'll be making this recipe again and again.

Who wouldn't love cherry bakewell for breakfast?!

Not only is this a great vegan cake for brunch, but it has a vegan frosting recipe as well.

Because, really, what is cake without frosting, eh?

Crepes are a great brunch option because they are so versatile.

You make the base and then put out a variety of different toppings for everyone to help themselves.

It makes everything easy for the host too, as your guests can pick and choose how they’ll fill their crepes.

Stewed fruit sits somewhere between British nursery food and fancy hotel food where it will be called compote!

But this recipe is so easy and so full of flavour, you'll be grabbing whatever seasonal fruit is available to whip a big bowl of this up each week. Delicious!

Lemon and blueberry are two ingredients that compliment each other exceptionally well.

This recipe is best made with fresh blueberries - the sweeter the better as it will provide a good balance for the tartness of the lemon.

The original recipe isn’t vegan but there are swaps included to make it vegan very easily.

This breakfast bake can be made ahead and served on the day of brunch, or simply make it part of your weekly meal prep for delicious breakfasts all week long.

Potato pancakes are popular in many European countries.

This recipe is not only delicious, but quite simple to make.

This is a great overnight recipe that comes together really quickly and feels perfect for a leisurely brunch.

While this version uses mango you can substitute any fruit you like or have on hand.

A very easy sweet addition to the brunch table, this coffee cake looks just like an original coffee cake - but it’s vegan!

Don’t skimp on that yummy crumble topping!

This vegan lemon posset recipe is a delicious and refreshing alternative to yoghurt.

It also includes a recipe for vegan shortbread for a luxurious addition to the posset.

Tofu often gets a bad press for having limited taste and texture.

This recipe mimics scrambled eggs, but uses completely vegan ingredients.

These homemade baked beans are a great take on traditional breakfast beans.

Serve these beans as they are on sourdough toast, or add some vegan sausages and something like the tofu scramble above.

Just add salsa or a few slices of chilli if you reaally want to mix things up!

Most breakfast casseroles use eggs, but this one is meatless, egg-free, dairy-free, and soy-free.

It's ideal for crowds that have a wide range of allergen sensitivities and dietary needs.

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