Get Audible Now for a Super Low Price

Have you been thinking about joining Audible?

If so, do it right now!

Amazon are offering some of the best deals ever on Audible membership right now.

Read on to find out more.

Why should I sign up to Audible now?

Because you can get your first 4 months of Audible for just $6.95 a month in the US.

N.B. The UK offer applies to Prime members only, so you need to sign up for Amazon Prime first.

With all iof us time poor, audiobooks are more popular than ever.

Put one on while you're commuting, doing the washing up or going for a run and you'll get through the classics, or just your favourite detective series, in no time.

If you find you're getting through more books you can always change the subscription tier you are in or buy some extra titles.

Why should I sign up to Audible now?

Audible may have offered a better sign up price in the past, but I can't remember one.

This really is a great deal and you're unlikely to see a better offer.

This is all in honour of this year's Amazon Prime Day which takes place on Monday 21st and Tuesday 22nd June this year.

So you'll need to act before the end of Tuesday to qualify!

In the US, get your first 4 months of Audible for just $6.95 then $14.95 a month unless you cancel.

In the UK, get your first  3 months of Audible for 99p then £7.99 a month unless you cancel.

(Sorry, no idea why the difference in price!)

Either way, sign up for your free trial then cancel; before the end of the trial period and pay nothing more.

But you get to keep the titles you have already had!

Psst, busy mama, audiobooks are perfect for keeping kids busy so you can drink your coffee while it's hot!

What do I get for my money?

Whether you're in the US or the UK, you'll be getting two months of Audible totally FREE, and oh do we LOVE free!

You'll get 1 audiobook per month, as well as lots of podcasts for free and further titles at a heavily discounted rate.

After the trial period, you can either cancel or go ahead and pay and $14.95 or £7.99 a month.

The best bit is, even if you cancel after the trial, you get to keep the titles!

As individual audiobooks cost easily more than your monthly subsccription, it's a win!

If you love audiobooks, or you just want to read more but don't know where to find the time, this is a deal you can't afford to miss.

N.B. After your trial finishes you will automaatically be moved to the regular monthly rate.

If you wish to cancel your subscription after the trial, go into settings in your Amazon account to cancel before the trial expires.

You will retain access to any books you have already bought through Audible, even after cancellation.

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