20 Amazing Cherry Dessert Recipes You Must Make this Summer

Are you looking for some amazing cherry dessert recipes to make this summer?

Cherries epitomise summer with their sweet fresh flavour and beautiful shiny red skin.

Don't let summer go by without making a few of these amazing cherry recipes!

A variety of fresh cherries are available during the summer, so take advantage of their sweet flavour with these refreshing ideas.

From ice cream to cobblers, from cupcakes to brownies, and from no-bake cheesecakes to showstopper cakes, these cherry recipes offer a dessert that's perfect for any summer occasion.

Whether you use fresh, frozen, canned or jarred cherries, you're sure to find a delectable treat that your friends and family will enjoy.

Celebrate this summer fruit with these amazing cherry recipes!

20 Amazing Cherry Dessert Recipes You Must Make this Summer

This pie will be the star of your summer dessert table!

The buttery and flaky crust holds the simple homemade cherry pie filling.

The lattice top is garnished with sliced almonds for a beautiful finish.

It's juicy, sweet, and ultra delicious!

Fresh cherries are the perfect addition to this easy no-churn chocolate ice cream.

Cocoa powder, condensed milk and heavy cream are whipped and you get an infusion of chocolate bits along with the cherry pieces.

Freeze this awesome mixture and enjoy!

Fresh, pitted cherries give these dessert bars a burst of flavour that compliments the almond shortbread crust.

Add the homemade, juicy cherry filling and top with the reserved portion of the crust mixture.

Garnish with sliced almonds and bake.

Gooey and sweet, these bars are full of rich cherry summer goodness!

Here's your showstopper summer cake!

Perfect for a party, this 3 layer cake boasts bits of maraschino cherry throughout the batter that keeps it moist and fresh.

The buttercream frosting gets its cherry flavour from a little maraschino cherry juice.

Garnish with stemmed cherries after icing this masterpiece. Beautiful!

The delectable flavours of almond and cherry mingle in this skillet crisp dessert.

Your kitchen will smell heavenly as you bake this treat, full of fresh, pitted Bing cherries, almond paste, Amaretto and sugar.

Add a sweetened oat-based topping and bake. Perfection!

Maraschino cherries make these donuts a fun and tasty summer treat.

Add a little cherry extract for full-on flavour.

The dough fries up quickly in hot oil.

When the donuts have drained and dried, drizzle a Bourbon glaze over them. Oh, my!

This may be the easiest cherry dessert you make all summer!

Fresh and pitted cherries get topped with a simple batter of flour, sugar, milk, baking powder and butter. 

Bake it and when ready to serve, add a scoop of vanilla ice cream, too!

It's a classic summer dessert.

Dark and rich chocolate brownies play host to a cherry filling that makes this a decadent dessert for any occasion.

Devil's Food cake mix and cherry pie filling combine with almond extract to produce this easy baked treat.

Your family will gobble this one up!

Kids and adults love these portable hand pies.

Puff pastry is filled with cherries, either fresh and pitted or frozen, and baked with an egg wash for a glossy golden finish.

Super easy and it's the perfect hand pie to munch on during the summer or take along on a car trip.

Make this quickly using canned cherry pie filling for a warm and sweet dessert full of fruity flavour. 

The buttery batter uses pantry staples and is topped with the cherry filling.

When baked and cooled, add a vanilla glaze for extra sweetness.

Perfect for a last minute dessert!

This dessert takes two complimentary flavors of chocolate and cherries and creates a stunning layer cake.

The cake layers are separated with a fluffy whipped cream mixture and cherries.

A rich chocolate ganache tops the cake and is garnished with stemmed cherries for a dramatic effect. Swoon!

Here's an easy summer party dessert of almond-flavored batter cupcakes topped with cherry frosting. 

The buttercream frosting incorporates fresh chopped cherries to produce a light and creamy icing.

Top each cupcake with a fresh cherry.

These will be gone in a flash!

On the hottest day of summer, make this no-bake dessert that celebrates cherries.

A sweetened cream cheese and cool whip mixture sits on top of a graham cracker crust.

Top with cherry pie filling and refrigerate until well chilled.

Pretty, bright and so good!

Cool off this summer with these creamy cherry popsicles that are drizzled with a chocolate shell and optionally garnished with crushed almonds.

The popsicle base is full of coconut cream and fresh chopped cherries that are blended into a creamy base ready to be poured into your molds.

Freeze well before drizzling with chocolate.

Everything summer is loaded into this no-bake dessert that's perfect for picnics and outdoor events.

The graham cracker crust holds a whipped cream base that's full of maraschino cherries, coconut, pineapple, and pecans.

Refrigerate until ready to serve this rich and creamy dessert.

The taste of cherry shines through in this dense cake dessert that you can make in your cast iron skillet. 

Clafoutis is a thin flan-like dessert that's full of fruit.

Here, fresh cherries bake in the batter to produce a sweetly decadent dessert cake. 

Fresh, pitted and chopped cherries were made for this decadent no-churn ice cream.

A bit of cherry brandy helps drive the flavor and a smattering of mini chocolate chips adds that little bittersweet crunch.

Stay cool this summer with this awesome cherry ice cream.

Start with a brownie crust and layer on heaps of sweetened and whipped cream cheese, chocolate pudding and cherry pie filling.

Finish it off with a layer of whipped cream and a garnish of chocolate shavings.

It's a luscious and fruity summer dessert.

Cherry pairs with chocolate chips to create these irresistible blondie bars.

The brown sugar in the batter keeps these moist and tasty.

Use real pitted cherries here; they work better with the chocolate chips.

These are an easy crowd pleasing dessert for BBQs and parties.

The classic flavours of cream cheese and cherries get a fancy setting with this pretty ring shape.

Use crescent dough from the store and stuff it with a simple mixture of sweetened cream cheese and cherry pie filling.

After it's baked, just drizzle it with a powdered sugar glaze and serve.

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