5 Ways to Have the Best Possible UK Staycation this Summer

Holidaying in the UK this year?

Wondering how to get your UK staycation to shape up to be the best holiday possible?

Read on for 5 tips to make your UK staycation the best possible summer holiday ever!

5 Ways to Have the Best Possible UK Staycation this Summer

The big family summer holiday each year is one of the biggest things we all look forward to.

You put it in the diary the minute it is booked. Research the areas and the things you want to do. 

Counting down the weeks and days until you step into the airport, board the plane, and jet off somewhere warm, exciting, and new.

Holidays are very special, especially for families.

It's a chance to enjoy some quality time together, to avoid the daily grind of school runs and work, and to just relax and enjoy each other's company.

Holidays abroad are always popular, but this year it just doesn’t seem possible for us all to do what we would normally do.

Let’s face it, the last 18 months have been a little crazy.

None of us could have predicted this, and many of us had high hopes for 2021 and the return of normality.

But, with not many destinations abroad being quarantine-free right now, many of us are choosing a staycation instead.

If a UK break isn’t your usual holiday you might be feeling more than a little fed up right now!

However, a staycation in the UK is not as bad as you might have imagined and you can actually have an amazing holiday right here too.

Many families choose to do this each year anyway and love it.

Read on to find out how to embrace the UK staycation this year.

1. Replicate your usual holiday as best you can

Sit down with your family and think carefully about what you love about your usual holidays.

What does each family member love most and want to add to your summer bucket list?

It could be that you like being within walking distance of a beach, or maybe you like a great selection of restaurants.

Is it more than one swimming pool to choose from, or entertainment in the day or evening, or both?

Knowing the things you love will help you to choose or create a UK staycation that could replicate this.

For example, if you love a beach Google the best beaches in the UK and check out the nearby destinations or, if you have already booked, fnd the best beaches near your accommodation.

Did you know about these beautiful beaches in Yorkshire for instance?

If you want a family focus then look for family-orientated parks, caravan sites, or camping locations that usually have clubhouses and plenty of things you can do with the kids.

If you want great bars and restaurants then why not consider a city break and explore some new places in the UK?

Cities outside London are usually quieter in the summer, so may make a great holiday destination for you.

More city inspiration:

2. Try something new 

A holiday abroad usually involves a hotel or villa in a tourist-focused resort.

There is a beach, a pool and plenty to see and do while you are there.

However, a staycation gives you the chance to try something new with your family.

Maybe your kids have always wanted to go camping or you fancy glamping in a wigwam.

Perhaps you like the idea of recreating childhood holiday memories with a stay in a caravan.

Or you could even opt for a completely different type of location and holiday.

Perhaps a luxury break in one of Britain's gorgeous family-friendly hotels?

Or, instead of heading to a coastal area, choose a countryside retreat where you can enjoy nature walks with your kids, hiking and other outdoor adventures.

This is your chance to step away from the normal holiday you would have and embrace something totally different.

And don't forget to make the most of all that the UK has to offer, it's easy to overlook what's right on your doorstep.

Camping tips and freebies:

3. Plan your stay 

Another great tip to help you embrace the UK staycation is to plan your trip as best you can.

Once you have booked the location and know the type of holiday you are going to have, now you can start to plan the things that you want to do.

Google the location and see what family days out are in the area you are visiting.

Tripadvisor and family blogs (like this one!) are great resources to find out about great places to visit across the UK.

Planning in advance means you can also look at the individual websites and book your tickets, check any restrictions and rules in place and also be more knowledgeable on up and coming events.

The great thing about being in the UK is being familiar with the usual things we love.

So, if the weather isn’t too great, you know that there is likely to be a soft play close by, or that you are well-prepared for rain.

If it does rain, check these out:

4. The benefits of a staycation

If a UK holiday isn't your usual choice for where to spend your one or two week break from work, you may be feeling  abit fed up.

But there are some definite benefits to taking a staycation in your own country.

You may even have one of the best holidays ever, and end up continuing the tradition with UK holidays in the future.

There are some incredible benefits for holidaying in the UK including:
  • No worries on the money front - you can use your debit card, contactless, and cash just as you would at home. You also don’t have to spend time trying to figure out conversions.
  • Familiarity - this is a big plus point for families with young children. There will be familiar foods, environments, and things to do.
Plus while you can never predict the weather, we all know that the UK is glorious when the sun shines. 

During the summer you are likely to get warmer days with less rain, no matter where you go - fingers crossed anyway!

Check out these local attractions:

5. Ditch your expectations 

The truth is, while any holiday away with your family is giving you the chance to create some incredible memories, the best advice is to have no expectations.

Especially if it is a type of holiday you haven’t experienced before such as a holiday club or camping. 

Having no expectations means that you will fully embrace each day and are more likely to be pleasantly surprised.

More people are enjoying the UK, and realising that this place has some wonderful hidden gems waiting to be explored. 

I hope you enjoy your amazing UK staycation this year!

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