10 Plastic-Free Stocking Stuffers They'll Love

We're all thinking about ways we can help the planet by using less resources and buying products with minimal packaging.

If you are looking for plastic-free stocking fillers this year, read on for some gorgeous items that will help you ditch the plastic while still putting a smile on their faces this Christmas.

These zero plastic gifts make the perfect stocking fillers for all ages.

We've gathered together some of the best eco-friendly products that are gorgeous as well as practical.

From bamboo toothbrushes and reusable cotton pads in the bathroom, to kitchen items, these are stocking fillers they will use and love.

These sustainable swaps will help you and your loved ones be kinder to the environment as well as having things of beauty in their home.

These little washable pads are the perfect way to replace cotton wool pads in a zero waste bathroom.

Made from bamboo and cotton these makeup rounds are sustainable, eco-friendly and washable.

Made from 100% brushed cotton flannel with bamboo towelling on the reverse, these super soft handmade pads are ideal for removing make up and exfoliationg the skin.

Use them to remove or apply facial products, without polluting the environment.

After use they can simply be washed and used again and again and again.

This beautifully-scented deodorant balm is handmade, comes in plastic-free packaging and is vegan too.

It's also aluminium free and is available in five refreshing scents:
  • Lavender and Tea Tree
  • Grapefruit and Mint
  • Orange and Patchouli
  • Lime and Vanilla
  • Lemon and Rose

Each balm comes in a plastic-free and biodegradable cardboard tube that can easily be recycled after use.

This is the perfect eco-friendly alternative to plastic deodorant tubes.

Made with 100% natural and organic ingredients it contains no harsh chemicals and works to deodorise, soothe, detoxify and nourish the skin.

Whether you want to store your own handmade bread or loaves from the bakery, this eco friendly bread bag is perfect.

The reusable bags are made from 100% certified organic cotton and a generous 30 x 38cm size.

Each bag will easily accommodate a large loaf and bags can be washed and air dried between uses.

Making the switch to reusable bread bags can also help reduce food waste.

Storing bread in a plastic bag (as opposed to a breathable cotton bag) can trap moisture inside the bag, causing the crust to soften and encouraging mould growth.

This cute bento lunch box is made from stainless steel and contains two layers of stackable containers.

It can keep food warm for 2-3 hours and the sealed gasket can effectively prevent leaks.

The comfortable hand strap makes it very easy to carry, and it is suitable for kids to take to school or college, and adults to take to work or exercise sessions.

Perfect for all kinds of healthy well-balanced home-made lunches, and convenient for daily use.

They could even use it for camping and travel for all sorts of food.

The folding buckles on both sides can be adjusted, turning it into either a single or double layer bento box.

Time to make the change to bamboo toothbrushes?

Each year over 3.5 billion plastic toothbrushes end up in landfill sites and oceans all over the world!

These eco friendly family toothbrushes are the perfect alternative.

Made from a sustainable natural resource each pack of 6 toothbrushes offers you an easy to hold handle and medium strength bristles for thorough dental care.

Each handle has a different colour so everyone knows which toothbrush is theirs and the handcrafted toothbrushes are splinter-free.

Bamboo wood naturally repels water, and these are made from the fast-growing and biodegradable Moso Bamboo, a type of Bamboo that pandas don't eat!

Recyclable, sustainable and fun to use, these toothbrushes are a great stocking filler.

These reusable natural eco sponges are made from patterned cotton and jute, and filled with naturally antibacterial bamboo fibre.

Each eco sponge has two sides so they can cope with a raange of cleaning needs.

One side is made from patterned cotton for light cleaning and one side of more heavy duty jute for scrubbing.

They are ideal for the kitchen, bathroom or anywhere else around your home to make cleaning fun.

The sponges are also flexible making them easy to get into tight corners like glasses, cups, pots and pans.

These are the perfect sustainable alternative to plastic sponges, simply wash, dry and use again.

When they finally reach the end of their life span they can be composted and biodegrade naturally.

Each pack contains 3 sponges each with a different design on it, such as fruit; strawberries, pandas and leaves; or Chistmas designs.

These gorgeous eco-friendly shampoo bars are made with high quality, organic & natural ingredients to give your hair that longed for softness & the ultimate cleanse!

Wrapped in brown paper for zero waste and with gorgeous colours and scents they are perfect for everyone on your list.

Choose from the following delightful scents: lemon, vanilla, gingerbread, apple & cinnamon, lavender, mulled wine.

They even have cute little cloud shaped bars perfect for children!

Say goodbye to plastic with a reusable traditional string bag in a range of stunnning colours.

These 100% Organic Cotton String Shopping Bags are available in a variety of bright and earthy colours.

These bags are the perfect sustainable alternative for carrying and storing fruit & veggies or carrying shopping in.

Reminiscent of shopping in sunny markets in the soutth of France, just pop one or two in your pocket to bring all your shopping home.

The string mesh expands to carry an impressive amount of shopping, yet take up little space when empty.

The bag is machine washable too so they can use it again and again and again.

If you know kids or adults who pack up lunches for school, university or work, these reusable 100% cotton sandwich bags are a must.

These washable sandwich bags are made from cotton so for vegans they are a great alternative to the beeswax kind.

These cute bags will keep your sandwiches safe and can be reused again and again.

No need for single use plastics like cling film or tin foil that would be thrown away.

They even have a handy little pouch at the back so they can keep a few extra biscuits safe.

Wipe clean after use or throw them in the washing machine if they need a good clean up.

Available in a variety of designs, and you can even have them personalised for the lucky recipient.

With more of us baking at home or buying food in larger quantities to save on packaging, more storage is a must.

Take storage solutions back to basics with this set of three stacking glass storage container which features a bamboo lid.

These handy, reusable stacking jars are made from planet-friendly materials and look great too!

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