18 Super Cute and Fun Felt DIY Gifts You Can Make for Your Kids

Felt is one of the most versatile fabrics, especially when it comes to making toys for your kids to play with.

And I'll show you what I mean when you see this great collection of Felt DIY crafts for Kids. 

Many of these are crafts your kids can make themselves, while others are projects you'll want to make for them to play with after.

But everything on this list is cute, crafty, and creative and certain to make some sweet child smile. 

One of the best things about felt is how inexpensive it is and how many colours are available.

You can easily make these creations out of your child's favorite colours - or every colour of the rainbow.

So what are you waiting for? Get busy crafting, mama!

18 Super Cute and Fun Felt DIY Crafts You Can Make for Your Kids

This adorable little Llama is made of felt and wants to be your child's friend.

The friendly little face and sweet saddle invite all kinds of imaginative play involving llama rides out into the great unknown.

This new friend might seem like just a sweet stuffed toy, but it is also an invitation to adventure!

These felt flower button snakes are a colourful and sweet way for young children to practice putting a button through a button hole.

Pretty flowers attach to the long stem one after the other, and slip off just as easily as children learn to "unbutton", too. 

We're huge fans of Eric Carle so this gorgeous set based on the book The Mixed Up Chameleon is perfect.

Children can have a lot of fun with this fun set of felt animal shapes and more.

What a great idea for a family, homeschool or classroom activity!

For little ones who love puzzles - and rainbows - this Rainbow Puzzle made of felt is a lovely craft project.

The different pieces of the rainbow fit together very precisely, making it easy for even small children to see if they are putting it together correctly.

Once the rainbow is built, add some fluffy clouds and your pretty rainbow will be ready to show off!

Make these gifts for your kids' birthdays or Christmas stockings, or they can even make them themselves!

For kids who are just learning how to sew by hand, this adorable felt fox purse is a great beginner project.

The friendly fox face it just so cute and friendly and much easier to make than you might imagine.

This fox purse is a fun project, whether kids decide to keep their purse or give it to someone as a gift!

These beautiful felt flowers were posted as a Mother's Day gift, but they are too wonderful to only be created once a year.

After all, kids love flowers, too, and with so many pretty varieties, there are all kinds of choices for what flowers to create.

For kids who love necklaces, this pretty heart necklace is a fun craft.

Multiple colours and sizes of felt all fit together neatly and look wonderful around their little necks.

And since they are no sew, kids can even craft their necklaces quickly and easily themselves so they can wear them right away!

These little felt Christmas trees are a great sit down project to keep the small ones busy during the holidays, or when you need to get some presents wrapped.

Keep them busy cutting everything out, and then watch them play with their trees for hours.

Take a look at these Christmas tree craft ideas for more inspiration.

Quiet books are pretty special, and this adorable version is made out of felt and needs no sewing.

Little ones will love the colourful activities they will find on every page of their quiet book.

And you'll have a project to be proud of!

These little fishies are so much fun, especially when you are able to catch one.

The secret is that the fishing pole, and fish, are all magnetized.

But to little ones seeing their little fish get caught on their pole, it is absolutely magical fun!

Whether you call it tic tac toe or noughts and crosses, kids love this game.

The felt game board craft project is fun enough, but moving the little hearts around makes the game of tic tac toe even more delightful!

You might also like to make this wooden tic tac toe board for outdoor play.

It's amazing what you can make out of some well placed little squares of red felt, including this apple. 

Of course, the paper plate helps with the shape, and the leaf and little drawn seeds are what really sells it.

This apple craft is pretty cool and will keep the young ones busy for a while, making their pretty apple!

Grab this apple tree life cycle wheel to add to their apple themed learning.

These little felt pouches are handy and attractive for kids to use.

They are so easy to sew that they make a great first sewing project for kids just learning to make stitches, too.

And the simple design invites kids to decorate their pouches any way they like!

Another great activity for little ones who are learning to put a button through a button hole, this felt button chain is also a fun toy.

Kids can use  their chain to attach one toy to another and perfect their buttoning skills all at the same time!

It makes a great addition to a heuristic play treasure basket too.

This felt Christmas tree craft is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers in all the pre-Christmas excitement.

Hang this tree on your wall and your kids can play with these ornaments all they want, decorating and redecorating their tree over and over. 

This medieval looking banner hangs prettily on the wall in your kids' room, inviting them to play.

Cut out pieces of felt for numbers, shapes, colours and anything else you feel inspired to do.

Your kids will love playing with their felt set and learning so much!

Most kids love stuffed animals and fluffy cushions because they are fun to cuddle with.

These no sew pillows are kid-friendly and easy to make even when kids don't know how to sew.

These adorable pillows are destined to become their new best friends!

When you see these adorable finger puppets, you'll definitely want to make some for your kids to play with.

These friendly puppets are a lot easier to make than they look, and they encourage all kinds of creative play.

So cute!

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