18 of the Most Delicious Vegan Lunch Ideas Perfect for Lunch Boxes

Whether you eat vegan all the time, or are simply looking for some ways to prepare healthy, delightful meals made without any animal products, you’re certain to discover some new ideas on this list of the best vegan lunch box ideas.

Discover sandwiches and wraps, easy to eat vegan finger foods and yummy sweet treats that are perfect for lunches for kids and adults.

To save some time, many of these vegan recipes can be prepped in advance so your mornings are easier and stress free.

All these easy to make vegan lunch ideas travel well and most don’t require any reheating.

These vegan lunch ideas are quick and easy to prepare when working or studying from home too.

And many can even be prepared completely in advance, making lunch time much more enjoyable and restful when you work from home or you're home with the kids.

18 of the Most Delicious Vegan Lunch Ideas Perfect for Lunch Boxes

These delicious bars are made with only three ingredients and make a delicious snack addition to a school or work lunch.

They are made with no added sugar making them a healthy, protein packed snack.

Making sushi cups in a muffin tin means all the flavour of vegan sushi without all the rolling and cutting.

These fun and tasty lunch box ingredients are filled with blended seasoned edamame and chopped fresh vegetables.

A quick and easy fried rice with tofu egg makes a nice alternative for a healthy and savoury lunch box meal.

Perfect to carry to work or school when a microwave is available to heat up, or a quick make ahead lunch for when you’re working or studying from home.

This easy quinoa salad flavoured with parsley, mint and lemon doubles as a side dish for wraps and sandwiches or as a light main meal.

Add chickpeas or white beans to make it a heartier main meal to carry for work or school.

Homemade smoky tempeh bacon sandwiched between two slices of bread with lettuce and tomato for a delicious BLT that tastes amazing.

Easy to make the elements ahead of time, and then assemble the sandwich just before leaving the house for school or work.

A delightful pasta salad with avocado and coriander (cilantro) dressing that’s packed with tons of fresh vegetables.  

A tasty way to enjoy pasta when eating lunch away from home.

Easy to make vegan salami with all the flavour of the real deal.

A savoury plant based meat to layer into sandwiches, stuff into wraps or serve up sliced with some veggies.

Marinated tofu replaces the meat in this vegan version of the Vietnamese sandwich.

Top it with quick pickled vegetables, sliced cucumbers and a quick sriracha mayonnaise.

This easy lunch box is a meal prep dream.

So easy to make in advance and filled with healthy ingredients in an easy to carry lunch on the go. 

Couscous, hummus, chickpeas and olives plus lots of fresh vegetables for a tasty, satisfying meal.

Mashed chickpeas are mixed with fresh vegetables and some spices and rolled into balls you can bake or fry up for a lunch box meals for adults or kids.

These vegan pastry swirls are filled with pesto and vegan cheese for a scrumptious, crispy lunch box component that’s easy to eat with fingers and doesn't require any heating.

Make them in advance with the kids and then pack them into lunches as needed.

An easy lunch sandwich piled high with hummus, avocado slices and fresh vegetables.

This lunch box sandwich never gets old, travels well and is easy to eat when away from home.

These homemade look-alike peanut butter and jelly crustless sandwiches are easy to make and healthier and less expensive than the store bought version.

Make these up in advance to use in lunches or for snacks during the week.

This couscous salad packed with plenty of green vegetables and green herb paste keeps its lovely green colour even when made in advance.

It’s tasty and a healthy lunch you can eat when working from home or to take with you on the go.

These pizza flavoured savoury muffins make a tasty addition to any kid’s lunch box meal that they will enjoy eating as a snack in their weekday lunch.

Easy to make in advance and you can eat them fresh from the oven as a snack too.

A five ingredient sweet treat for a kid’s or adult’s lunch box that are packed with healthy ingredients and contain no added sugar.

These protein balls are easy to make and don’t require any cooking.

Healthy oven baked falafel are perfect to add to any lunch box to dip in hummus or yogurt dip.

They also work great for lunches when served on top of a salad or wrapped up in a tortilla.

An easy 6 ingredient lunchtime wrap made with rice and quinoa pilaf, vegetables and a buffalo flavoured tahini.

This spicy sandwich makes a delectable, finger food to eat for lunch.

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