Playmobil Gift Guide: 15 of the Best Playmobil Gift Sets for Kids

Playmobil sets are such fun to play with and have so much detail!

Fans all over are excited about all the new sets that have come out, as well as new fans grabbing all the new and old sets they love.

Scroll down to see our pick of the new Playmobil sets that would maakie brilliant gifts for kids this year.

What makes Playmobil different from other building block sets?

They aren’t manufactured in China, instead they are built in Germany.

Where other brands sometimes fall apart when building, Playmobil is a bit more durable once assembled.

When you shop Playmobil you get durability, a great range and long-lasting structures that stand up to play.

Now let’s get to some of the best Playmobil sets for your gifts.

15 of the Best Playmobil Gift Sets for Kids

Playmobil Scooby-Doo Adventure in the Mystery Mansion Playset

This set only has 19 pieces but you can use the Playmobil app to project spooky ghosts and more!

Playmobil Safari Truck with Lions

Set comes with lions, two minifigures, and accessories to build a safari scene.

Playmobil Ghostbusters Firehouse

Fans of this iconic movie can now have a mini firehouse build in thrir very own Playmobil collection.

This set has 228 pieces to assemble and creates a fun play set.

Playmobil Mars Research Vehicle

Throw some science into the play with this fun set part of the detailed Playmobil space range.

74 piece set and if you add batteries there are sound effects too.

Playmobil Mermaid Pearl Shell Nightlight

Who doesn’t love mermaids right?

This set actually doubles as a nightlight that can change colours too!

Playmobil Penguin Family Set

Get a whole little penguin family with this minifigure set.

There are other animal sets available to build a whole zoo!

Playmobil Police Cruiser

Someone has to keep the town in check right?

Now they can add some police officers to the mix with this set.

Comes with two police minifigures and accessories.

Playmobil Comfortable Living Furniture Pack

Set includes two minifigures and 36 pieces in total to build a more homey feel to the collection.

This set is perfect for the modern house play set or the large dollhouse if you are looking for a lrager gift.

Playmobil Dino Explorer Carry Case

For the dino lovers on your shopping list this set is awesome.

You get two minifigures, two dinos, and more accessories in this set as well as the carrying case to store it all in.

Playmobil Advent Calendar

Get a new Playmobil minifigure or accessory to help build your new village/town. Has 106 pieces total.

See more of the best Advent calendars, including Playmobil.

Playmobil Take Along Pirate Skull Island

Create a scene full of treasure and discovery with this set. 91pc set.

Playmobil Vet Visit Carry Case

This set is perfect for any little animal lover.

Comes with animals, exam table, and minifigure as well as more accessories.

Plus store it all in the carry case!

Playmobil SuperSet Family Garden

This set is a full park experience and great with multiple other sets to go with it!

Recommended for ages 4+ and has 67 pieces.

Playmobil Grocery Store Set

Another great set for imaginative play with kids that love to pretend play store.

This set is a little bigger with 113 pieces total.

Playmobil History Class

Perfect for any little one that loves to teach and pretend.

You can pair this with the school building playset to expand but by itself it has functional blackboard, minifigures, and more accessories to complete the school feel.

If you’re unsure if your kiddos are ready for all the pieces that usually come with block building sets, Playmobil is a great way to introduce them.

These sets don’t have as many small pieces and are more durable once put together so you don’t have to worry about them falling apart as easily during play.

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