How to Make a Super Cute Father Christmas Papercraft Puppet {with free template}

Here comes Santa Claus, Here comes Santa Claus, right to your kitchen table!

This Father Christmas Papercraft Puppet is so much fun to make!

And what better way to get the kids excited about Christmas than with help from the big guy himself?

The moment that they know that Father Christmas is on their crafting radar, they're going to be excited to sit down and get started. 

Father Christmas Papercraft Puppet

There are so many fun ways that the kids can create and play with this Santa puppet.

We love to use this Santa craft as a simple way to get excited and ready for the holidays.

And once the kids get their creative juices flowing, you're going to be amazed at how much fun this paper puppet really is.

In fact, imagination really does come into play with this fun activity.

There are so many ways that the kids can use this puppet to increase their holiday cheer. 

The other big reason that I'm a fan of this Santa puppet is that it works on your child's listening skills as well as their fine motor skills, too.

Yes, there are going to be certain parts of this craft that you're going to have to help younger kids with, but they will also learn the importance of following along with the directions and making their own puppet as well.

And who knows, once they make one of these Santa Papercraft Puppets, they just might be geared up and ready to make more.

Can you have too many Santas in your house at this time of year?

I'm going to go with no! 

Just gather up the small list of needed supplies and let the kids have fun with the process.

You can talk to them about what Christmas means to them or even see what they're hoping to add to their list for Santa this year!

Santa Papercraft Puppet

Here's how to make this fun Father Christmas craft for kids.

You will need to print out our free printable template first.


Here are all the materials you'll need:


1. Use the template to trace the patterns on to the selected craft papers or embossed paper and cut them out neatly.

2. Grab the hat and the belt cutouts.

Stick the small square in the middle of the big square and then stick the big square in the middle of the belt strip.

Stick the small round cut-out on the tip of the hat cut-out and stick the curved-end strip along the straight side of the hat pattern.

The belt and the hat of the Santa puppet are ready.

3. Take the hand and sleeve cutouts.

Stick the small rectangle patterns on either small sides of the sleeve (arm) patterns.

Then stick the hand (glove) patterns on the open side of the small rectangle to complete the paper hand crafts of the Santa puppet.

4. Take the body pattern and stick the 2 arm patterns on both sides of the body pattern.

5. Take the beard, moustache and the big round cut-out (head).

Stick the beard and the moustache on the big round cut-out (head).

6. Stick the paper hat pattern on the opposite side of the beard, on the big round cut-out to complete the head part of the Santa puppet.

7. Attach the belt pattern along the middle part of the body pattern.

8. Stick the head on the top side of the body pattern and the shoe patterns on the bottom side of the body pattern.

9. Use a black sharpie to draw Father Christmas's eyes, nose and mouth.

10. Attach Father Christmas to a popsicle stick to complete the puppet craft.

You could also make a present to go with Father Christmas, or perhaps a snowman or reindeer?

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