How to Make Craft Stick Snowman Magnets - a Fun Christmas Craft Idea

These craft stick snowman magnets are such a fun Christmas craft and quite easy to make.

Gather up the shortlist of supplies and let your kids get to work.

They'll love being able to make their own holiday decorations that are perfect for the fridge or other metal surfaces.

Craft stick snowman magnets

The great thing about craft stick crafts is that they're very forgiving for little hands if mistakes are made. 

In our house, we're all about learning and doing our best and that means that sometimes, things don't always turn out quite perfectly.

What I do know is that when we use craft sticks, they tend to be a simple craft that not only always ends up looking great but really is easy for little hands to work with as well.

And if you're wanting to be a really cool mom or dad, you can let the kids eat popsicles and use those as the craft sticks, too! 

Great opportunity to learn new skills!

Just be certain that you're standing by to help as there are some parts to this that younger kids won't be able to do without your assistance.

And if you can, let them build their confidence during this time, too.

Try not to help until they ask you for help and then be as hands-off as possible when assisting.

This will teach them that they do have the skills necessary to create and build and you'll be showing them that you support them and their creative process as well.

Once they get done with this simple snowman craft, they'll not only have a really great decoration to use but they'll be able to hang it up for everyone to see and enjoy. 

Plus, if you're into giving out homemade gifts for Christmas, these make for a really great homemade Christmas gift for family and friends, too!


How to Make Craft Stick Snowman Magnets 


Here are all the materials you'll need:


1. Paint the craft sticks with white paint.

2. Cut 1”x1” squares of the black craft foam then cut two strips out of each side to make the hat.

3. Glue the hat in place at one end of the craft stick.

4. Glue two eyes in place on the craft stick, slightly underneath the hat.

5. Cut small triangles out of the orange craft foam to make the 'carrot' nose.

6. Glue into place underneath the eyes.

7. Using the marker, draw 5 dots for the mouth, underneath the nose.

8. Cut ribbon into 3 inch strips.

Tie ribbon around each craft stick, underneath the mouth.

9. Glue buttons on, about halfway down from the ribbon.

10. Cut magnetic strips in half, remove protective layer over adhesive backing, and stick onto the back of the snowman.

Place to one side for the glue to dry, then use your magnets to decorate for Christmas!

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