The Scandi Style: How to Bring it into Your Home

Scandinavian modern design is incredibly popular right now – and for good reason.

This design focuses on clean, tidy and light rooms to maximise the light from short winter days.

If designed correctly, a Scandinavian room can offer gentle warmth and elegance to your house.

Below, we explore how to bring this style to your home.

Neutral Walls

Scandinavian colour schemes rely on neutral colours.

These are mostly bright whites, greys or black and tan.

The advantage of neutral walls is that they can complement more vibrant colours in your room.

If you have a blue sofa, for instance, a neutral wall can allow it to take centre stage.

At the same time, the neutral walls create a clean, pristine aesthetic.


People who sleep in cluttered rooms are more likely to have sleep problems, including difficulty falling asleep and being disturbed during the night.

A significant part of Scandinavian style is minimalism – essentially an emphasis on less beating more. 

A decluttered space fits with this by creating a brighter and airier room.

One great way to clear away clutter but still have storage, is fitted living room furniture.

This gives a seamless look without compromising on storage.

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Away from the neutral colours and minimalism, you can different textures to rooms to lend a warm, Scandinavian feel.

Throws, blankets and cushions can all turn your lounge into a welcoming, homely place on those freezing, dark winter nights.

Meanwhile, you can add decorative textures to your kitchen with ornate vases and plants.

Ideally, your neutral, clean rooms will act as a blank canvas before your furnish them with your special items for texture.


Scandinavians understand light.

Their winter is even darker than the UK’s – there’s precious little daylight for six months of the year. 

Naturally then, Scandinavians understand how to overcome this issue.

They key is to create elegant, soft lighting to create a warm, cosy feeling.

Choosing bulbs is therefore crucial – you don’t want a dazzling, bright white light.

Instead, you should look for warmer bulbs.

It can also help if you have many different light sources, with various lamps dotted around rooms. 

Ideally, these will be placed at different heights to lend your room a sense of depth.

And if anyone room doesn’t feel quite right, it can always be upgraded with some scented candles. 

Bringing Scandinavian design to your home can be thrilling project.

Although it can be difficult to work out where to start, you can always search for inspiration on Pinterest or other social media to discover Scandinavian layouts.

If you can apply their design neatly, you’ll find yourself with the ideal winter d├ęcor. 

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