How to Plan the School Summer Holidays When You Work Full Time

Are you wondering how to plan the school summer holidays when you work full time?

When you're a busy working mum, the long summer break seems like yet another thing to add to your already lengthy to do list!

Read on to find out how to plan the school summer holidays when you work full time.

The prospect of the kids being off school for weeks on end, needing organising and entertaining, is just about the last thing you need!

Just how can you get it all done this summer, and keep your kids happy too?

Yep, the school summer holidays can give you that horrible feeling of dread in the pit of your stomach when you're a full-time working mum!

You have six weeks (or more!) ahead of you where you need to consider what your kids will do and how you are going to juggle your time.

It’s hard enough when they are at school, but the holidays give you that extra challenge of finding a balance between home and work.

However, it really is possible to plan the school summer holidays when you work full time.

Here are some of the things to think about:

1. Be Prepared 

It's all about getting organised well in advance, especially if you have the flexibility to work from home.

Sketch out the weeks of holiday, then sit down with your co-parent and decide who can take time off or work from home when.

Rally grandparents or other potential carers too to see where they can help.

Once you know what you need to cover, negotiate your time off at work as far in advance as you can.

The next things to get organised, especially if you will be working from home, will remove some of the stress of trying to manage everything day to day.

Seriously, you need to get food, activities and fun organized well in advance so you have less to think about.

Here are some of the things you can organise ahead of time:

2. Keep Well Stocked with Icy Treats

It is important to keep your children cool in the summer, and sometimes there is nothing better than an icy treat.

You could try flavouring ice, that you have either crushed to make slushy or making your own ice pops.

Buy a big stock of frozen goodies on your next shopping trip or make your own from fruit and vegetable juices.

(Hint: It's a great way to get some extra goodness into your children without them even realising.

Start buying them now and keep them stored in the freezer ready.

3. Make Lunches and Snacking Easy

Same goes for snacks. Start stocking up with the grab and go stuff now so you have plenty in for permanently hungry kids.

Set up a kid-friendly snack drawer in your fridge and another in your cupboard so they can help themselves while you're working.

Our girls love the healthy snacks which are so easy to store and then they just serve themselves.

For lunches, even though they're not at school, it might be worth packigng up lunches each morning.

The kids might even want to help or make their own!

Add a selection of items to try and aim to think beyond plain old sandwiches to make it more exciting.

The more hands off you can be, the quicker you'll get your work done, so a late afternoon play time, walk or trip to the pool can happen.

4. Invest in a Great Pool

Being outside will be your saving grace during the summer holidays.

Whether you have someone taking care of your kids or you are working from home, investing in a great paddling pool and some fun water play activities now will give you that head start.

Plus there will be lots of offers and discounts right now, but when summer arrives you may not be able to get what you want.

Order now and store away to avoid disappointment!

Keeping the kids occupied is your next priority.

Occupying their time is crucial, but as a busy parent who works full time, what options do you have?

Whether you work from home or out all day, here are some of the things you can start planning now to help you through the summer break:

5. Organise Garden Playdates

With your paddling pool, a water table and a good stock of icy treats, garden playdates are ideal.

Having friends over can really take the pressure off you to keep younger children occupied.

Plus you'll probably get some payback from the other parents too!

If a group fo you take turns hosting each other's kids you'll have a a few dates to look forward to in your diary that will help out with childcare so you can get more done at work.

6. Look for Holiday Clubs and Camps

Local sports clubs, leisure centres and activity centres often organise holiday clubs and camps.

Look for weekly clubs, day camps and other activities to keep kids occupied during the summer months.

Better still if they can go with their friends or siblings.

These are usually booked up in advance, so make sure you take the time to seek out different options and book early to avoid disappointment.

You may also find various events and days out at local tourist attractions that would be ideal for all of you or sometimes they cover childcare too.

7. Organise a Weekly Rota of Chores

Chores may not be your children's idea of fun, but they can be a great way to encourage them to do something a little different and can also give you a hand.

Having children home all day means that things are likely to get messier than usual.

Encouraging them to keep their room tidy, make their own beds and just generally have their own responsibilities can help you out and occupy them in the process.

Promise a reward at the end of it if everything gets done: some time off together doing something exciting.

If your kids can see how they are helping the family achieve a better time together, they will be more motivated to help.

Hopefully, these tips will help you to plan the summer holidays when you work full time. 

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