How to Celebrate the Last Day of Your Homeschool Year

Are you looking forward to the end of the school year in your homeschool?

And wondering how to celebrate the last day of your homeschool year?

Read on for some fun ideas to help you celebrate the end of your homeschool year and some super cute chalkboard end of school year signs too!

If you don't homeschool year round, then summer break is coming up fast.

How do you normally celebrate the end of your homeschool year?

Or are you looking for some new fun ideas to make the last day of school - or the last week! - lots of fun?

Celebrate your child's hard work this year with one or more of these fun end of year activities to make special memories together.

How to Celebrate the Last Day of Your Homeschool Year

It's time to create some last day of school traditions for your family with one or more of these fun ideas:
  1. Special breakfast
  2. Take last day of school photos
  3. Record your memories
  4. Head outdoors
  5. Make a summer bucket list
  6. Get active
  7. Plant sunflowers
  8. Put on a show

Here's how to make the end of the school year memorable and special for your family:

1. Special Breakfast

Start the day off with a special breakfast.

Lay the table nicely and make a big breakfast with lots of summertime treats like berries and fruit.

Add some pancakes, pastries or even donuts and you have a special celebratory breakfast.

Put a small party bag or gift in each child's place with summery items like sidewalk chalk, bubbles, water balloons, sunflower seeds and plant pots (see below), tie dye kits (t-shirt+ paint), pool or beach supplies.

2. Take Photos

Just like you commemorate the first day of school with a photo session, take some end of school year ones too.

Print out one of our Last Day of School chalkboard signs for each grade and get that camera flashing!

It's so fun to see how much your child has changed over the school year and will give you some wonderful photos to look back on in years to come.

You could even make a photo book for each year of their homeschool sandwiching all the wonderful things you do each year between their first day of school and last day of school photos.

3. Record Your Memories

Before you head off on all your summer adventures, take some time to record all the amazing things you did this school year.

Celebrate all the growth and learning in your family this year. Think about what this year meant to your family and celebrate all the achievements, large or small, and the challenges.

Have each person write down all the fun things you did, what you learnt and all the other stuff like field trips, classes, plus personal achievements and developments.

Add photos or drawings, leaflets and tickets and make a scrapbook of your homeschool year.

Have kids create a Top 10 Homeschooling Moments list and create a picture slide show or video of their favourite moments.

Or you could put it all together on a large piece of cardstock and make a collage of images and maybe some key words from your year.

4. Head Outdoors

It's summer!!! Take a picnic and head to a splash park, river, beach for a fun day out.

Make it a magical mystery tour to give the kids a fun surprise!

Or stay nearer home and have a BBQ and a water fight, a slip n slide or play in your pool.

Have a party in your backyard with fun activities and delicious party food.

An ice cream bar with all the toppings and sprinkles you can think of is sure to be a big hit.

You could even add a theme like mermaid pool party, a Dr Seuss Oh! The Places You'll Go theme or 4th of July style in red, white and blue.

You could even put up some tents and have a campout in your yard complete with s'mores and stargazing.

5. Make a Summer Bucket List

Have a family meeting and come up with ideas for your Summer Bucket List.

Talk about what everyone would like to do this summer, then make a bucket list of all the fun activities you hope to do together.

You could even buy some small pails, then have each child write their ideas on slips of paper to create an actual bucket list each!

Add in any field trips you want to take and everything you are interested in exploring and learning over the next few months.

End the bucket list making activity with a year end scavenger hunt.

Make the prizes fun things kid can use during the summer such as outdoor toys or fun pool floats.

6. Get Active

It's time to get the wiggles out! Take a bike ride, have a dance party, go swimming or take a long hike.

Exercise and the opportunity to talk and spend time together doing something different is a great way to transition from learning time to summer time.

Go to the community pool for the day, head to the beach, set up an obstacle course in your garden, or play extra large yard games outdoors.

7. Plant Sunflowers

Sunflowers are perfect for growing over the summer months and they grow super fast.

Plant your sunflower seeds on the last day of school and then see how tall they have grown by the time school starts again in August or September.

Then you could start your new school year with a sunflower study, dissecting the flower head, measuring the circumference and learning about the Fibonacci Sequence, painting sunflowers in the style of Van Gogh or Georgia O'Keeffe.

8. Put on a Show

Have a homeschool awards ceremony. Yep, awards ceremonies aren't just for school kids!

Add one to your end of homeschool year celebrations with acknowledgements for learning to read or learning ride a bike.

Plus fun stuff like 'best morning tea maker', 'fastest ice cream cone eater', 'best late sleeper' or 'most devoted user of the color green'.

You could also invite grandparents over to see the kids best work, listen to a poem or admire a gallery of their artwork.

The children could put on a show, a play or other performance, or put on your own science fair.

You could also write each child a letter appreciating all their achievements, efforts and growth this school year.

Tell them everything you love and admire about them, and how proud you are of them in this special keepsake letter.

I hope these fun ideas to celebrate the last day of homeschool have inspired you to create some new traditions with your family this summer!

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